Beach, Party, Repeat

Summertime and the living’s easy. Beach all day, party all night...living the dream. My final countdown is on; only 20 days until I pack up and go to college to get more knowledge. I will be heading off to Cal State Chico, which is essentially in the middle of freaking nowhere up in northern California. Britt and I used to live just 15 minutes apart...and now we’re gonna be about 8 hours apart. Ch-ch-changes. And yeah, I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I also have to edit down my wardrobe like, majorly. Closet space in the new room is limited; these Chico homes just don’t offer the same closet space as my McMansion! I’m being highly selective, which is actually kinda nice. I can only take pieces that serve more than one purpose, that can mix and match and be worn several different ways. Really makes a girl ponder what’s important...ya know? Right now I’m too busy spending every last moment with my fave SoCal friends and family to think too hard about what I’m wearing. It’s been a rotation of graphic tees and minis all Summer long. Cozy and comfortable to calm my nerves.

H&M tee. Thrift Skirt. H&M Booties.

Until next time,



  1. you must excited to start college, and again, green photos with the sun behind :)

  2. I love this t shirt!!!! *_*
    I love the fact you wearing it with a cute flower print skirt!! that's so cool!!

  3. love the top !

  4. Great sunset pics!