Fashion = Change

I, admittedly, don’t know all that much about fashion. I’m not quite the encyclopedia of designers/models/photographers/power players that Britt is; really I’m just your average enthusiast (and relatively new one at that). However, I have picked up a few truth bombs along the way. Today’s lesson: Embrace the change. Fashion is an industry that is completely dependent on change. If you are not open to accepting this, then you will fall behind. Fashion IS change. In today’s world, the changes are happening at lightning speed. In order to stay relevant/fresh/trendy/up-to-the-minute/etc you MUST wholeheartedly accept that what you LOVE one day you will hate the next, and what you HATE one day you will eventually come to love. If you begin to see these changes as a threat, or you greet them with hostility, then you have become stuck. You must not resist the change, jump in and swim in it. Recognize that you also have the power to be the change. You do not have to live at the mercy of trends. Be the change you wish to see in fashion! Fashion = Change and You = Change. Therefore, You = Fashion.

PS- I am still in my casual Summer mode. Graphic tees all day erryday. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Thrifted tee, skirt, booties. Juicy Couture Daisy Necklace. Custom "Chelsea" Necklace.

Until Next Time,



  1. Love the look !

  2. Hey girl hey, love this and agreed....this is why I love you guys, because you embrace change and just let the fashion come to you :)))
    Brooke @ What2Wear

  3. Love this tee, it is perfect for the summer!

    Maria xxx

  4. i love this silhouette on you and you could not look more smoldering in that second photo. i'm definitely going through a major hate phase with everything that i own but i'm embracing the change and hitting the thrift store hard in search of a whole new look to love!