Thirst for Adventure

Last night Chelsea and I set out on (what was supposed to be) a grand adventure to an abandoned house in da LBC with an empty pool in the backyard where we were hoping to run into some skater bois to shoot around with. Unfortunately, the grand adventure consisted of us meandering the streets of suburbia, aimlessly searching for “The Pink House” that we were ultimately unable to locate and has left both of us with an unscratched itch to go exploring that we must satisfy on some grand adventure this weekend.

I feel that I should put my love of exploring the abandoned into context for you, as it all started when I was quite a youngin. I was that friend with a thirst for adventure and nothing thrilled me more than the risk of getting in trouble. Every Summer me and my gal pals would venture over to our empty Elementary School (where my Mother worked as a teacher, mind you...) and climb up onto the roof. That was our spot; pretty sure at some point we even had lawn chairs up there. We had loads of fun making our friendship bracelets and shouting "get down!" everytime we thought a neighbor from across the street was onto us. When I was 10, I had a massive crush on my neighbor, a big, bad 8th grader at the time. I insisted to my girlfriends that I needed to acquire a pair of his underwear, as proof of my undying love. Like any normal 10 year old girl with a crush, I waited until they were gone, broke into their house via a cracked window, marched upstairs and stole a pair of his whitey tighties right out of his dresser drawer. Wait, what? Breaking and entering is NOT normal behavior for a child, you say? DGAF... I never was cut out for “normal”, anyways ;) 

Vintage dress. Thrift sunnies. F21 necklace. Converse All Stars.

Until next time, 



  1. there's an abandoned ex soviet union embassy house up the road from where i live in hanoi that has heaps of ghost stories associated with it... i really wanna sneak in one day. I love urban decay... sigh... anyway, you are looking awesome in these shots... the last one with the sun coming thru is great

    1. WOW...sounds amazing. OMG I wish we could go together! Wearing fierce outfits...OBVI. Thank you :)

  2. Gorgeous look and pictures !

  3. Why are you so fucking amazing?!? Love this outfit and the photos are to die for! And totally on the same page with you about that breaking and entering thing. Curb life is the best life.

  4. What beautiful lighting in these photos! That dress is stunning too! I sure do miss kicking it on the rooftop. It's a shame you couldn't find the abandoned house with the empty pool. There's a pretty awesome skate park under the freeway in nearby San Pedro called Channel Skate Park that you might be interested in checking out for photo ops.

  5. Incredible shoot, the lighting is perfect and your dress is to die for!


  6. This dress is gorgeous! So pretty yet edgy xx




    Holy shit. These photos. THESE PHOTOS. This is literally like a vintage Vogue editorial. This is blowing my mind. That last one is too good to be true, but they're all absolutely STUNNING. The 3rd from last looks like something out of decades past.

    Also - You were that friend I LOVED to hang out with and that I always wished I could be as cool as. Wish we were friends. I seriously want to go on adventures w/ you guys so badly. ughhh. I hate WI.

    This is the BEST POST EVAAAAA.


  8. I adore this skirt, sheer and tulle?! Two of my favourite things!

    Maria xxx

  9. I was just about to type holy shit, but then I saw Gaby already had....so I'll say WTFuck? I want that dress. I want it, B. Love how you styled it with the tennies! Gramd slaaaaaaaaaam. See you tomorrow?

  10. lovee this look! beautiful photography and great styling. I'd totally wear it!
    Following youu!! Follow back?

  11. get out of here with that last photo, STUNNING! get your ass into a magazine already you mega babe. this dress is as unreal amazing as your adventures both past and present sound!


  12. DYING over you in this outfit!!!!!!!!! Love it. That skirt is killer.