Cinco De Mayo Realness

I’m not entirely sure what attracted me to this ruffled flamenco top that obviously used to belong to some sort of Mariachi Queen. But as you know, I don't fight these feelings. And thus, Cinco de Mayo top was acquired.

So, is it just me, or is fashion kinda a free-for-all right now? What’s in? What’s out? Does anything go?! (Like Cinco de Mayo in June...) Does it simply take the right person to make something “cool” or even spark an entire trend? Cause it’s kinda starting to feel that way...no?

I often ponder what “fashion historians” will say about fashion, trends and what people wore in and around the year 2013. What exactly is this time period’s quintessential style or ‘uniform’? Looks like at this point I’ve got all the questions but no answers...just the way I like it.

PS- Sorry I’m not sorry that I wear these red boots every damn day. I don’t have a different pair of shoes for every outfit! Plus, these booties are comfortable so I can dick around in them all day and my feet won’t hate me. Moral of the story: Everyday red booties are a closet necessity and you need to buy them like, yesterday. <--- Hey look I told you what to buy! Looks like I'm getting the hang of this whole fashion blogging thing, after all ;)

Vintage top and shorts. Random gem bracelet. Kate Spade "Mrs" necklace. F21 booties. 
Until next time,


  1. This is amazing! If I had to wear one outfit thing all summer long, this would be it. I'd like to give this look a whirl myself, but I don't know if a Midwesterner can ever look this cool and effortless in a flamenco top. We shall see.


  2. LOVE LOVE everything from this outfit from head to toe. Especially the shorts

  3. that ruffle top is GORGEOUS i just know i wouldnt be able to pull it off like you!!

    please check out my blog and maybe follow?

    much love!xo


  4. This outfit is simply adorable!! And don't apologize for wearing the red boots, I have a similar pair that I wear to death...they always add pizazz to an outfit! :)

  5. don't apologize for the boot love -- they totally deserve it. I feel that fashion has been a free for all with me for a while, but perhaps everyone has those feelings that they should and can just wear whatever they want, and they do, and it's awesome!

  6. If anyone could look great in a flamenco top (besides a mariachi queen) it would be you--you look super cute! Also I like your fashion questions, wondering if it will be--2013 was just a complete multiple personality mish-mosh (is that a word?)

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I love these red boots, definitely a wardrobe essential!

    Maria xxx

  8. que linda! you're doing mariachis a solid here and really upping their style quotient. i think fashion recently really has been defined by one or two people, which is a phenomenon i blame on the olsen twins with their whole hobo chic thing almost a decade ago.