In Fashion We NEVER Say Never

Once upon a time, believe it or not, I was a not-so-fashionable, pre-pubescent middle schooler. Sure, I thought I cared about fashion, but to a middle schooler, fashion simply means wearing what has been widely accepted by your peers as “cool”. And sure, I was cool. And the cool kid uniform circa 2006 consisted of the following: A shredded denim loin cloth AKA miniskirt from Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch; a crisp white, jersey stretch, scoop neck tee  (sorry...I just vomited in my mouth) paired with your pushiest of push-up bras to show off those burgeoning assets of yours; and the cherry on top...UGG BOOTS. As embarrassed as I am to admit it; this was my style ID in middle school. (Hey- we can’t all be Tavi.) Of course, this is a combination I have vowed over and over that I would never wear again...never, ever, EVER!

Until today. You see, I am much older and wiser now and have learned that in fashion, one should NEVER say never. Why limit yourself? Why shut yourself out to future possibilities based on one youth-fueled style blunder? And so, I decided to give my middle school uniform another chance. But could I really take an ensemble completely devoid of any redeeming fashion value and make it...chic? Ummmm...duh. Today I present to you my once embarrassing middle school ensemble as interpreted through my much chicer and more sartorially-savvy point of view. You should try it, it’s fun.

Thrifted...everything. (Love when that happens. I feel like a champ.)

Until next time,



  1. yeah girl

    you do NOT look like a middle schooler

    Love the dimensions of this outfit. That top is perfectly square and oversized enough to contrast the mini-ness of the skirt. And the skirt is pretty badass in itself. all that symmetrical stuff goin' on totally redeems it.

    killer boots too. thrifted? hate you .


  2. These are gorgeous boots and you really right, never say never.