No Pain No Gain

Sometimes, fashion is uncomfortable. And still, some days I wake up and say to myself, “Self, today I will not be very comfortable. But I will. be. fierce.” Case in point: an off the shoulder top. Not exactly our most practical of fashion endeavors, eh? But after seeing Man Repeller rock da shit outta hers, and finding it’s $3 counterpart the very same day, I knew that the “pain” (so to speak) would be worth the “gain”. 

But what is there to “gain” from wearing a top that needs adjusting every 10 minutes? Am I just “peacocking”? Some of the most coveted, loved, and adored pieces in my closet are just straight up impractical. But I do not see their impracticality as a burden, it is simply a reminder of their specialness. 

When I wear them I feel like their specialness rubs off on me; you can’t help but feel like a million bucks in something so fiercely fashionable. Even when our physical body does disagree...you know that alllllll day my upper arms were like, “Gurl, you reallyyyyyyy expect that elastic to keep dis shit in place?! Puh-lease.” I don’t care- I love it. Plus, it’s kinda fun and flirty (in a coquettish sorta way) to exchange a quick glance with the hottie behind you as you adjust the sleeve that has slooooowly been falling further and further down your left shoulder ;)
Vintage top. Vintage suede shorts. Charlotte Russe Booties.
Until next time,


  1. Amazing top! Very sultry indeed...
    Andyeah. I wear heels almost every day, and catch no ond of flack for it. But, dangit, it's what I want to wear!! ;)


  2. i'm right there with you. some of my best clothes are like naggy little preschoolers that need constant attention. but like a loving mother i give it to them and adjust and readjust until the day is through. you look smoking in this off the shoulder number and it sounds like you used it to its best advantage all macking on hotties in it and what not!