Choke Me

While I hate the idea of a “uniform”- this has DEFINITELY become my go-to Summer 2013 ensemble. A silk vintage nightgown maxi dress, simple sandals, & a baseball cap (so that I don’t have to brush my hair...obvi). When it comes to style, I’m not much of a minimalist, so I needed something to up the wattage of this ensemble a bit...and that something was a choker. As of late, my general consensus on chokers is that I like ‘em real thick n’ juicy. It all started with ManRepeller...remember when she wrapped a belt around her neck and called it a day choker? That shit was fly; but I never did acquire the right belt for the job. Whilst perusing the resort collections, my desire to be ‘choked’, so to speak, intensified. It started with those thick-ass chokers at Rag and Bone, which I have every intention of DIY-ing...considering it’s essentially just an overpriced lil strip o’ black fabric fastened around her neck. But it’s so sunny and beautiful out...ain’t nobody got time for DIY’s. So when I saw those simple little scarves tied around the model’s neck at Derek Lam I  thought to myself, “Now THAT I can do.” So, I fashioned myself a little choker with a vintage head scarf and voila! Choking fantasy sat-is-fied ;)

Thrift dress & scarf. Dad's hat. F21 sandals.

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  1. I love vintage nightgowns as dresses!! That has been my jam for like years. Wow, I totally love this look.

  2. Simply amazing.

  3. Lovely silky dress, suits you so well!
    I just followed you via GFC, please check out my blog :) xx
    ~Mannie (mightymannie.blogspot.com)

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  4. This dress is stunning on you. So chic <3

  5. Vintage night gown turned as a dress is simply amazing.

    I love this look!

  6. Looking so lovely in that dress :)

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  8. You look amazing! Love this oufit such a unique dress. You have a lovely style now following thank you for dropping by my blog xx

  9. Gorgeous dress !


  10. :O I love your silk scarf choker, such a feminine update :) and were all guilty of passing off a night dress as daytime attire- some of my best dresses are night gowns.

  11. I love this slip dress, it looks fab with the choker too!

    Maria xxx

  12. you know I'm pro silk collar
    adds a whole new vibe