Black Jack

That's right bitches...I am fiiiiinally 21! Halleluh! Yesterday we spent some time at Mom and Dad's celebrating Father's Day, chillin in the sun, BBQ'ing and riding around the hood on my new bike. I love Summer days like this. 

Here are 21 things I have learned during my time on planet earth:

21. Shaking your ass on the dance floor cures a multitude of ills.
20. So does a great yoga sesh.
19. Sometimes you gotta say "fuck it" and accept the fact that tomorrow you will be waking up at 6AM with a massive hangover and heading into work. Make the memories worth the pain.
18. I am not here to please you, and you are not here to please me. Imma do my thing and you do yours.
17. Real life is nothing like TV/Movies/Advertisements/Commercials. My love life need not resemble a Nicholas Sparks novel.
16. I enjoy spending time alone.
15. Retail therapy is a real thing.
14. It's ok to change your mind. About anything. ANYTHING. You can change it right now if you want.
13. Be kind to everyone. Especially yourself...DUH!
12. Life is too short for boring clothes.
11. Learn new shit every day. It's good for your brain. Write it down in a journal.
9. Give people compliments. The more your do it, the more you'll love it. I am addicted to giving away compliments!
8. Gossip is stupid and I do not want to waste more than 2 minutes mulling over the details of "She was like" and "Then I was like". There are about a gazillion more interesting things we can talk about than back-stabbing and gurl2gurl drama.
7. Wear a sexy bra and panties every day.
6. Time is precious. Spend it with people you love doing things that you love.
5. You are the only one who notices when you have an 'ugly day'...everyone else thinks you look exactly the same as you always do.
4. It's okay to deviate from the plan...any plan. It's also okay not have a plan and just kinda wing it.
3. Change is a constant. Embrace it.
2. Everything in moderation...including moderation.
1. Be someone you love.

Vintage Escada dress. Thrifted pumps.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Gorgeous dress, perfect way to ring in your new (birth) year

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. Ahaha love the last picture !
    The look is so pretty and the shoes are gorgeous !


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELS!!!!!! These are some of my fave pics of you EVR. I'm with you on #14. You have accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge in 21 years. Next pile sale I'm buyin' you a drink, woman.

  4. super, love all details!

  5. I really love all of this. Especially 10 and 5. And you look wonderful too! I love the dress.

  6. Great sentiments & such a cute dress! Happy belated birthday!

  7. nice list. and happy birthday!! number 2 is pretty awesome.

  8. Wise and rad, pretty fucked up combo, in a good way! Love love that last pic, totally following you now.
    Come by if you have time, it will be my pleasure!

  9. I love your dress, I love your bike, I love that list, and I love the last pic.