That Time We Discovered Government Secrets

We interrupt out regularly scheduled programming to bring you PMF: "Double the Trouble, Double the Fun" edition. We decided Saturday was the perfect day for sneaking around our fave local abandoned army base. Last time we hit up the medical building, so this time we mobbed over to the elementary school and barracks. The school was (interestingly enough...) wide open, so we took the liberty of letting ourselves in. We were poking around, peering inside classrooms, shrieking at every little noise, searching for a way to get inside; but to no avail. (We’re ladies so we ain’ts about to be breaking in any windows. We need a boy to do that stuff.) So we’re doin our thing, snapping pics, when suddenly we stumble upon something VERY interesting. While the rest of the school is abandoned, in ruins, and totally creepy, this particular wing is not. It would appear that there is a secret corporation being run out of here that goes by mysteriously ambiguous name “NATGEO”. When we peered inside we didn’t see clocks hanging off the wall, desks turned upside down, and chairs strewn across the floor; instead we saw your run-of-the-mill office space. As in like, it’s currently in operations! We dreamed up many a conspiracy theory as to WHY this corporation is currently operating out of an abandoned elementary school: Nuclear weapons? New world order? Area 51 alien-type-a shit? We were deep within our imaginary world when suddenly: po po. Don’t worry dudes- it’s just Irvine cops. And we’re white sooooo…

“Ladies. Watchu doin?” he pondered.

Britt held up the camera, “Sorry officer. We are taking our photography final like, waaaaay too seriously! (giggles) Just snappin some photos for our art class.” I swear there is no amount of trouble that a big-ass camera and a miniskirt can’t get you out of.

“Alright well wrap it up…this is private property ya know.”

In unison: “Thank you officer!”

 Dude, I swear we watched WAY too much Harriet the Spy growing up. PS- If we do not return to regularly scheduled posting on Wednesday then assume we’ve been taken into government custody.

Until next time,

Britt + Chels


  1. Haha while you may have watched too much harriet the spy, I have definitely watched/ read about too many urban legends to ever step foot into a deserted building. But they look so cool for shoots! Love both your outfits! Specially the pairing of boots with a maxi dress, can never quite pull that off

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. Love these looks. Very cool.

  3. Can you guys go on these adventures more frequently? This was so much fun to read. I'm definitely a conspiracy theorist, and there's something not right about this story haha. I feel like you girls should go back and investigate. Elevate your fashion blog to the next 'Unsolved Mysteries' haha.. only you guys dress better than the dude in the trench coat :)

    LOVE your blog.. wanna follow each other?


  4. I really love the emotion of your pictures, and of course your looks. Very interesting :)
    I just adore your style girlz so much!


  5. you guys really got me with that whole it's only irvine cops and we're white thing. funny cause its true. love your spy outfits and it sounds like you need to get back there stat to do more recon.


  6. EEK, hopefully you will be back soon and not holed up in police custody ;)

    Maria xxx

  7. So fun! Love that you two can not only break fashion "rules" but also break in and do some harriet the spy investigation.=D

    Cool pics!


    p.s. i added you to my bloglovin role. If my blog is entertaining enough (or if you like the cupcake posts) please add me back!

  8. you guys are soooo chic! these pics are awesome!!




  9. Ah, Brittany--that dress, those boots, that jacket. Killing me. And Chelsea, I so love your 90's vibe. You do 90's like it's, well, the 90's.