Life Lessons I Learned From Silk

Silk is having a major moment in my life (AKA closet) right now. Every time I hit up the thrift store all I can think is, “Give me all of the silks.” When I met Britt yesterday for bagels, I professed to her my love for silk: 

“Oh- silk is like, totally hot right now,” she told me, “I just read this article the other day about how the rise of silk for Fall 2013 is sort of like, a response to the fact that the world has lost it’s sense of intimacy. Ya know, cuz everyone like, lives their lives inside of their cell phone? And silk is the fabric of intimacy...” 

OMG…duh. YES! It all makes sense now! You see, I have also been suffering from a debilitating case of social media fatigue the past couple of days. Between texting, Facebooking, Instagramming, Tweeting, Pinning, Tumbling, and blogging; we all experience hundreds of micro-connections with people from all over the world every. single. day. But there is zero sense of intimacy or history or understanding with these people- and if you don’t have that it’s like, what’s the point? Small talk is boring. Even though I am connected to virtually everyone in the world, I can count on all my fingers the people with whom I have an “intimate” relationship with. Intimate ain’t just about sex- intimacy simply means that you have detailed knowledge and a deep understanding of each other- basically they’re your ride-or-die peeps. I looooove me some social media…but lately I’ve just been wanting to unplug a bit. 

I suppose my craving for real relationships, real conversations and real people (as opposed to the virtual) could also have something to do with the fact that I will soon be moving 500 miles north of my SoCal home and will officially be a NorCal girl- so I really gotta soak up my peeps while I can. For now, I will continue to wrap myself in all the silks I can get my hands on in an attempt to remind myself that the virtual world is fun and great- but the world outside of my cell phone is where the magic happens. Damn…who knew that textiles could communicate such life lessons?

Thrifted coat, skirt, boots, necklace. Foreign Exchange crop top.

Until next time, 



  1. This is such an unusual outfit pairing! I like the creativity here! Also, silk is such a nice fabric, it feels too posh!!

  2. Ooo, love that skirt.

  3. yeh, silk is awesome, living in Vietnam means I get my fair share of it too. lovely skirt. xox

  4. you have gorgeous blue eyes! my word!

    Stop by for a visit,

    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue


  5. there's nothing quite like silk to make you feel like a real fancy lady. this skirt is unreal and i would never have thought to put it with a crop top, which is shame on me because it looks amazing.


  6. Hope your move goes OK, is it for work? :)

    Maria xxx

  7. lovely you!! the skirt looks amazing :)


  8. I love when an outfit post is more than just; a description of what the person wore and where they were heading when they wore it. Outfit posts that turn into life lessons are so much better aha although sadly I don't think my wardrobe contains even 1 item of silk I think I need to sort myself out aha wonderful post & thanks for the lovely comment you's left on my blogg come again soon xox


  9. First, I am loving your crop top and maxi. So into this. Second, I am loving Brittany's explanation of why silk is relevant right now. Bananas.