All the Summer Ladies, All the Summer Ladies

Summa, summa, summa time. Guys- Summer time dressing is MY JAM. You know what I like about Summer fashion? I just feel like there is less pressure to look “cool”. Know what I mean? Well lemme explain it anyways: during Fall and Winter everyone’s all like, “ZOMG gotta throw on my jet black skinnies and my black leather jacket layered over this sheer black top with these black boots and this black beanie and have this chronically bitchy look on my face allllll damn day and just be the coolest girl you ever did saw.” And I see them slinking around town. And they do look quite intimidating in their head to toe black. And sure, some people may mistakenly mis-label this as “fashionable”. But you just wait til Summer you blacked out fashion bitch. You are nothing without your precious leather jacket and black boots! NOTHING! 

 And Summer arrives. And it’s too damn hot to care about looking cool. And everyone just wants to have fun and wear wild colors and pretty sun dresses and frolick in the sun all day (which is exactly what I did while wearing this ensemble). Suddenly black is passe and it’s all about *CoLoRz*. I love that in the summer we can be a bit more whimsical and free spirited. I like to let my inner vintage sun goddess come out to play. I guess people just don’t take fashion quite as seriously in the warm-weathered months. Which is nice because trying to look “cool” all the time has truly, madly, deeply exhausted me. At least until Fall anyway. I mean shit dude, even I love dressing like a fashion bitch sometimes ;)

Vintage dress and hat. INC shoes.

Until next time,



  1. That hat....kiiiiiiinda rockin my world. I'm a summer time lady too!!! I always wondered why most ladies liked winter for dressing, and I think you solved the mystery! They can hide behind their leather facade!!! (Which I too am guilty of sometimes).
    Looking adorable, mama!

  2. Love you post!
    Let's follow each other!:)

  3. I am literally obsessed with this dress. My God, it's freaking gorg. I can't stop looking at it.

  4. you nailed it, both with your very apt rant on summer dressing and with this sun goddess outfit. summer brings out the effortless in everyone because people are way more concerned with staying cool than looking cool. and that's way easier to do in a flowy frock like this one than head to toe black.


    ps. love the hat, sun protection is mad important yo.

  5. oh wow that dress is a treasure!

  6. That dress is stunning!