PMF Style Tip: Steal People's Ideas

One of my fave artists, Banksy, (click here for Bansky's shit) once said, “Bad artists imitate, good artists steal.” And if Banksy steals, then I steal. And in the interest of full disclosure: I steal style ideas like, all the time. Britt and I even have a fancy name for stealing style ideas: fashion hacking. Anyone can be a fashion hacker. The greatest fashion hackers don’t give two shits about what the labels on their clothes say, or who the designer is, or how much it cost. You see something you like coming down the runway or on some street style star or maybe some random beezy and you simply concoct your own version of it. (Which is almost TOO easy right now. Every collection these days is a reference to fashion eras of the past.) The key is you gotta steal with style. Add your own flavor of swag to everything that you do. You gotta become so good at stealing other people’s ideas, that people don’t even realize you stole it. Nor do they even care. Because you did it better. 

For example: today’s ensemble. The silhouette of my ensemble was stolen from some random photo I saw on Tumblr. She was wearing a mini skirt peeking out from under an oversized sweater. K great, I already have all the supplies I need to successfully hack this ensemble! I added a fun little button up under my sweater, a red beanie for some visual interest and voila! Winter on the top and Summer on the bottom. Apparently my look was also loosely based on the philosophy behind the mullet...I don’t care. I love it.

Thrifted everything.

Until next time,



  1. I LOVE the jumper!! so cute! please check out my blog and maybe follow? im new to this! thankyou xo

  2. fashion hacking at its finest. i love the addition of the pink collar poking out. and anyone who won't admit to style stealing is lying. that's the beauty of the blogging community, it's all out there for the give and take!


  3. nicely done. Nicely done.

    Still have issues w the idea that nothing's new. I find it sort of upsetting. But way to make the best of it and rock out hard. Like..fer realz. Those shoes are giving me major foot envy.


  4. Amazing outfit with the jumpers and beanie, I've never seen this combination before but it looks wicked! Well done!

    TFD | The Fashion District

  5. You look awesome I love the over sized sweater. Can I be a fashion hacker too?

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  6. hat red beanie just ties the outfit together so well! Love it xx


  7. I LOVE the oversized sweater, mini skirt combo, I just need to be slightly taller to pull it off I think!

    Maria xxx

  8. Killer boots.