Make It Work

It is common knowledge amongst us fashion-folk that the fit of a garment is of the utmost importance. I mean…duh. But for us thrift store shopping, fashion hackers- fit doesn’t always come so easy. I mean, it’s not like when I score something great I can just find the helpful sales girl and ask her to drop off a size small to my dressing room. UM…hell no. That shit is every woman for her damn self. Goodwill don’t work that way. So instead of over-analyzing the fit, I take a page from Tim Gunn’s book and simply “make it work”. Case in point: This bomb-ass tee I picked up at the pile sale last weekend. It was love at first sight- I can’t say no to freaky-deaky graphics and that super saturated green. (Especially after seeing this Jeremy Scott show…I’m a sucker for some JS.) But alas it is a Men’s size large…and I am not. NEVER would I EVER throw it back into the pile…I mean you don’t just ignore love at first sight!

When you do not have the luxury of a perfectly fitted garment, you gotta get creative with the shape. And when we’re dealing with shape, it’s all about draping. (Heavier the fabric, the better.) So, I placed the neckline high around my neck and let the front of the tee just hang- which ended up giving the sleeves an interesting shape- don’t you think? This ended up creating some volume at the back, which I strategically tucked into my underwear so it would stay put all day. Now, whether that’s completely trashy or kiiiiiiinda genius is for you to decide…but only god can judge me, bitch. That shit is ELASTIC...it will put that in it's PLACE and keep it there. Also it needs to be said that I am the luckiest girl in the world because I wore this to, of all places, the office. True story, bro. NO clue as to how I get away with these style shenanigans, but we will attribute this to the fact that a) I work in fashion and b) have awesome co-workers who let me indulge my wildest fashion fantasies on a daily basis. If I had to abide by some “professional” or “corporate” dress code (code=rules=I hate them) that would only leave me 2 measly days per week to wear whatever the hell I wanted, which would really suck all the fun outta the day, ya know? I mean getting dressed is like, the best part of the day. Besides, I do my best work when I’m lookin’ and feelin’ fly ;)

Vintage coat. Thrift tee. F21 skirt. Vintage pumps. F21 jewels.

Until next time,



  1. OMG I have totally tucked shirts into my underwear before #noshame. It's a super effective method and nobody has to know! Even at stores with different sizes I have difficulty finding the right fit since I always seem to be in between the sizes :( That shirt is the coolest find, and it kind of reminds me Jim Carey in the mask.

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. You look awesome I love your jacket and tee :) I never find clothes that fit perfectly- but that's where a good belt and a sewing machine comes in handy.

  3. Fabulous pink coat!


  4. As someone who rarely buys a shirt in anything smaller than a L (XL preferable) (XXL = what dreams are made of), I'm envious of the drapiness of this baby. LOVE the way it has extra fabric in the back, and ESPECIALLY because that skirt is mini!! You've totally convinced me to wear a mini skirt with a giant tee. this is epically genius and everything i love in fashion. mixing unexpected thing.

    like aliens and bright pink

    You're Alien Barbie!!

    lovve love love love love


  5. UGH! That coat. Total score.
    Whenever i'm double fisting drinks at a party I'm just going to yell/slur at people, "Only GOD can judge me, BITCH!"
    It's gonna be amazing, thanks for the inspiration.
    Also: You look AMAZING. Those white shoes have served you well. They look god with everything!

  6. Absolutely genius! And you're right, getting dressed is definitely the best part of the day. I love your outfit. This neon pink coat is gorgeous.


  7. You really have made it work! LOVE this top, especially with that gorgeous pink coat!

    Maria xxx

  8. i totallyyyy agree with the vintage fits! you made it work tho girl!! NICE!




  9. "That shit is ELASTIC...it will put that shit in it's PLACE and keep it there."


  10. The coat is BRILLIANT. Great tee too - you totally make it work. :)

  11. I am obsessed with the combination of neon skulls and a ladylike coat. Talk about contrast that makes my heart pump.

    -Harling www.mytomayto.com