A Hopeless Fashion Romantic

Between my pending nuptials, Chelsea’s big move on August 1st, and reading the Grace Coddington memoir; I have found myself seeking the familiar and comforting solace of fashion these days to ease my nerves and provide a sense of calm during these crazy times. While I am sometimes highly critical of the industry, and all the players in it, at the end of the day it’s only because I love it. I am a hopeless fashion romantic. Head-over-heels in l-o-v-e. Typically, I am all about moving forward, constantly asking “What’s new? What’s next? Where are we headed?” But lately all I want to do is slooooooow time down. Really relish the little moments instead of constantly casting my focus to what’s coming around the corner. Sartorially speaking, focusing on the feeling more than a trend. Listening to my heart over my head while getting dressed to go out on a Friday night, I suddenly found myself shooting zombies and riding in some VERY bouncy motion simulators with Chels (and her bouncy boobs) at Dave and Buster’s on Friday night- all while dressed in this modern day princess ensemble. You know what they say, “All the world’s a stage editorial, and all the men and women merely players.” That's how I read it, anyways ;) 

Vintage jacket. Vintage dress. F21 shoes.

Until next time,



  1. This post is so beautifully written. And this outfit is perfect. I feel like the style of it is pretty timeless. And that jacket! Such a great find.

  2. oh my god.

    this outfit is like everything I've ever wanted out of clothing...ever.

    the military/regal/princess-esque jacket, the silky skirt , and the pop of red on the bottom is GENIUS. So unexpected, but so necessary.

    Your sentiments in this post are why I respond so strongly to John Mayer's "Stop This Train". It maybe cliche as hell, but it's a good kind of cliche (imho)

    So jealous of your time w Ashley.

    Where's Chelsea moving!?!

    Thanks for an inspirational Monday post :)


  3. I am so in love with that jacket! It's perfect dear xx.


  4. You look great :) very princess like x

  5. Ooo, yeah. Love this.

  6. You have the best vintage ever! And your hair is looking amazing girl xx


  7. That first photo? BOOOOOOM. Amazing. I love little jackets like that. Never thought of pairing them with a flowy skirt! Hawt. Also...all the world's an editorial...
    love it.

  8. that's an amazing jacket, it is truly truly beautiful...

  9. love this outfit, so amazing and that jacket is seriously the best part!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  10. Love these vintage pieces! The embellishment on that jacket is divine :)


  11. So so so beautiful! I am so in love with this outfit and the title/musings you tied along with it.
    -Ashley G. www.elegantidiosyncrasy.com

  12. this outfit is amazing, that jacket is unreal. i can't imagine a better outfit for killing zombies/doing anything in.


  13. After "Grace Coddington memoir," I was unable to read anything else because all my brain could produce was "There's a Grace Coddington memoir? Where? What's it called? Must...locate..."

    Your jacket is killer.