A Fly On The Wall

Ok so, I don’t want to sound like every other dynamic duo out there on the interwebz but, Britt and I could totally have our own reality show. I swear to you, we encounter so many everyday moments and situations that are just begging to be recorded. (Not that we don’t do a good enough job of that via social media…) But like, for example: in these photos I look all cool and angsty, as if I am anxiously standing by, waiting for my Clyde to burst through the back door of the bank he just robbed so we can take off in our Caddy. While in reality, the owner of this car (and the accompanying “junkyard” as we refer to it,) was standing a mere 10 feet away and I had to keep a sharp eye out for that wanker. He has a tendency to get quite cranky when he catches Britt and I snooping around in his junk, sitting on his cars, and distracting his handymen with our…photography session ;) And then of course there was the incident at the school. Our shenanigans at the thrift store. The wild and wacky nights at the gay club. We sometimes find ourselves wondering: if someone were a fly on the wall, would they find us as wildly entertaining as we do? At this point anything is better than the freaking “Housewives” epidemic. Except my OC ladies…we da OG’s baby. 

Thrifted sweater, pants, sandals. F21 necklace.

Until next time,


PS- Bravo are you reading this? Call us. We are for sale. 


  1. great photos, and you do look angst-y waiting for clyde. :) I love the pants too :D

  2. I love those shoes and those pants!! And as far as you get to click good pictures for the blog, all the risks are worth-taking! hahaha..

  3. You look great I love your trousers. you should totally start a YouTube series!

  4. Oh, to be a fly on the wall with you gals~ would love to meet up with you someday!!! When are you coming to LA? Let me know!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  5. oh my god bravo please call them, i need a new favorite show! love this outfit and you are straight owning that caddy, that wanker can suck it.


  6. Okay, great photos, great outfit, but most of all you look BANGIN in this post. Just saying.

    -Harling www.mytomayto.com