What Happened to Quality?

Behold! An entirely secondhand ensemble; a perfectly fuzzy vintage tee, deliciously ripped and ratty Levi’s, a big ass fuzzy coat, some secondhand pumps and a rope necklace that I spotted in the window at Salvation Army and plucked right off that mannequin. There are three MAJOR reasons that a majority of my wardrobe is secondhand:

1. Further Develop Personal Style

2. Ethical

3. Quality

In today’s lesson we will explore the latter. Any piece of clothing made in this day and age (post-2000) is seriously lacking in quality. (Please Note: I am not talking designer/boutique fashion here…which is obviously in a whole 'nother echelon of “quality”.) All of the items I am wearing in today’s post date back to around the late 1970’s...ish. An era when making quality garments was simply the standard…people wanted their shit to laaaaast. Fabric selection, strong stitching, attention to details; all of these elements are working together to make these garments the best they can be. People back then simply expected this. On the rare occasion that I venture out to the mall to do a lil’ shop-iddy-shopping, I see first-hand how our “Throw Away Society” has greatly decreased the quality of garments made today. I’m sure you’ve all noticed, haven’t you? The crazy part is we don’t even seem to care…even though we all know it to be true! Seems we all have the same general attitude. We KNOW that it’s not good quality. I mean, that’s no secret. But, we want to rock that metallic pump…no, we NEED to rock that metallic pump. Our sartorial reputation as a trendsetting style maven depends on it! So…why not drop a measly $15 on it, right?! (Please Note: I am absolutely NOT immune to purchasing said $15 metallic pumps from Forever 21 that won’t last past 10 wears. GUILTY. Srsly.) But then, when I go out vintage shopping, I feel embarrassed and silly for having made such frivilous purchases. No one in 30 years is going to see my metallic pumps in a vintage shop window; they won’t last that long! Do you think it’s possible that thrifting and second-hand shopping will die off in the future because nothing we have created today will stand the test of time? Or conversely; are you satisfied with the general quality of garments today? Do tell!

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  1. i have to agree with this whole-heartedly.....i made a comment last week about seeing soo much CRAP these days and people took it the wrong way.....i do believe the quality of clothing has drastically changed over the years....Ive gotten to a point where I almost stay away from "trendy" clothes because I actually want pieces that would end up in a vintage shop one day....PS this outfit is FAWESOME.....you make me want to pull out my crop tops and boyfriend jeans!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

    1. Keep doin your thing Brookey BOO! Don't let the haters get ya down, we love you so much. Literally we have conversations about how we need to be as stylish as you when we are mamas. We even pink promised on it, LOL.

  2. WOW! I adore this outfit! Everything together looks great and that jacket is to die for! Adore this! Perfect xX


  3. I never thought of the possibility of vintage clothing dying it. That's actually a really sad idea :( Maybe vintage clothing stores will only be filled with designer garb? Who knows! While this outfit is so effortlessly cool and laid-back... I can't support your shirt since I am a bruin ;)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. Love the toughness of the jeans paired with the heels!

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  5. I definitely agree with your statement! We live in a world of disposable fashion tat is not really sustainable and is already impacting our planet. I was reading a book title: Cheap Fashion: The surprisingly high cost of cheap clothes. Very good read and talks a lot about this topic. would definitely recommend.

    also, you look fab! love your great, stand out pieces!


    1. I NEED to read that book. Funny that you mention that, because the impact on the environment is EXACTLY where I want to go next ;)

  6. This is one of the best outfits I've seen in awhile...so good girl.

  7. Strong true words about quality and still the one feelings turning Down to non lasting consumption.
    Pretty outfit

    Xx from Kyoto right now 
    Nana from na-ta-ri

  8. Your outfit is so laid back and cool! love it :)


  9. I look forward to seeing your outfit posts come up in my feed, and yet again you didn't disappoint!


  10. I know exactly what you mean with quality, it really is going downhill! Primark here in the UK is cheap throwaway fashion but recently they have been raising their prices so much, it's not even cheap any more so it is even worse!

    Maria xxx

  11. You did it again, girl! Totally gorgeous vintage! I adore quality and that is why I love haute couture! But, of course, it is out of reach most of the time ..but when I can afford it I will take the plunge! I will shop at Target and Zara for fill-ins when I've exceeded my budget! Good topic on the art of quality!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  12. Love this outfit! Looks effortlessly cool. And you're right about vintage/secondhand, going to Amsterdam for some serious vintage shopping was already high on my current to-do list, this just makes me want to go even more.

    X Savannah


  13. I've been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend and it doesn't help at all that you're wearing the perfect pair!!!

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  14. Love the coat and rope necklace, Brittany!

    Alas, I think the consumer (in general) is to blame, in part, for continually demanding the lowest price; that and companies trying to shave as much off their operating costs by manufacturing offshore, where quality control is compromised. I agree that the quality isn't there in mass-produced goods anymore, but nor is the demand for quality. That's why I'm a thrift maven too, and I get so depressed when I shop the mall (though, like you, I'm not impervious to a good deal and an impulse buy!).

    I too used to think that thrift shops would soon go the way of the dodo bird as the good old stuff runs out and the bad new stuff falls apart. Sadly, we live in such a disposable society that peeps discard new mass market clothing before it's fallen apart - so it cycles back into the thrift shops, which I find even more depressing than the thought of buying those items new! The UK and even the Geneva thrift shops I've been to are full of mass market labels. My trips to thrift and charity shops since leaving Canada have been really disappointing (though, thankfully, I know through my blogging pals that you can still get heaps of good vintage in the UK in markets and some charity shops that are in student towns etc). It could be thy thrift shops will end of carrying nothing but old mass stuff, and the occasional rare quality-made dinosaur find. So sad, if that happens! Xoxo

  15. That's a very interest argument. I can't seem to imagine the thrift stores we'll see in 30 years when the clothes we usually acquire on today's shops are in less than desirable quality. Guess we'll have to wait and see if the pieces survive their lifespan. Cool necklace, by the way! Hehe.

    Take care, Hen.

  16. hi...
    thanks for your comment !!!!!great word choice...juicy booty....haha
    love your blog...And this outfit is fantastic......sooo cool

    You got a new fan!


  17. It looks fantastic. Love that's it's all secondhand.