On Hair and Make-Up: I DGAF

In case you haven’t noticed, Britt and I are NOT hair and make-up kinda gals. It is our hope that all of our stellar vintage pieces and overall fabulousness are distracting you from the lack of skills we possess in the beauty and hair care department. Every once in a while we’ll apply an obnoxiously loud lip color; hoping it works as a sort of cosmetic “optical illusion”. (Like, for instance, today.) And I mean, have you guys noticed how often we wear hats?! (FYI: quite freaking often.) Oddly enough, my love for hats is directly correlated with my general feeling of disdain for styling my hair. Coincidence? No, no it is not. Sometimes I wish I could be that “well-rounded” blogger extraordinaire; with her Topknot 101 Tutorial Video, Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Cat-Eye, and How-To Perfect Your Polka Dot Pedicure…but why lie to myself? No tea, no shade, just ain’t my cup of tea. I just DGAF about that shiz. (Also, yes, if you must know I am maaaaajorly lacking in the skillz department. MAD PROPZ to you, ladies!) At the end of the day, different strokes for different folks, right? Different people like different things. And different people live in different ways. As for Britt and myself, I think we’ve found our little niche. We’ve combined our two favorite things that start with the letter “F”: Fashion and Food…for thought. See what I did there? LOL- did you think we were ACTUALLY gonna turn into some kinda food bloggers? Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Vintage dress. Vintage Hat. Demonia Creepers. F21 bracelets.

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  1. Well, since your hair is (naturally?) a gorgeous color it doesn't really matter what you do with it. And you're right, bright lipstick works wonders on days you can't be bothered to do your eye make-up. It actually looks better with less eye make-up anyway.

    I'm sure my rate of styling decreases immensely in the the cold months. Who cares about styling when it's cold out? I have this grey hat from H&M that actually does the styling for me. It's the perfect mold for my hair, lol

    I really love that dress!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Fleur d'Elise

    1. LOL...ok fine, I DO dye my hair. Else it would be lookin' REAL nasty! xoxo

  2. I love the dress cause usually when things are half sheer, it's lace, so it's nice to see a new pattern! I so agree with you, I am so lazy on the hair/ makeup department. I realized after straightening my hair like everyday during middle school and half of high school that I should just embrace my wild hair!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. I have so much I want to say here that I"m exploding.


    Seriously. Every single line in this post sounds like it was stripped out of my own head. How can our writing voices be so similar!? We must have part of the same brain.

    1: This. Dress. Kimono meets Kim Kardashian-esque bodycon piece meets black lace wedding dress.
    Ba BANG. it's insane. I'm in pain. makin' it rain.
    off the chain.
    (I'm done now).

    2. "Topknot 101 Tutorial Video, Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Cat-Eye, and How-To Perfect Your Polka Dot Pedicure" You should just make a living coming up with fashion feature titles. If alliteration skills here cash, you'd be rollin in it.

    3. I, myself, love a good obnoxious lip.

    4. Your overal fabulousness distracts me. #success

    You, my friends, are fantastic ladies.

  4. love that dress


  5. You wear that lipstick well!! no need to be an expert at it if you find a shade that works & you rock it!!

    xo Jackie
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  6. This looks like a modern and contemporary version of a chinese cheongsam. Very cool piece and you made it your own style!

  7. Cool dress, Come visit my blog sometime :)

    xo Emma

  8. Twerk it gurl. I brush my hair once a week. No lie!

  9. This may be my favourite outfit of your yet! I love your hair and make up and although I am definitely not the perfection 101, I wish I could nail that undone style that you do so well, I guess you can't win, haha!

    Maria xxx


    I, too, wear hats quite freaking often. In fact, I'm wearing one atop my head right now.

    Your lip color is fantastic. You and Britt are fantastic. It's all fantastic.

    xx, Elin


  11. Haha this is really funny. Way to do you! I wear makeup but am bad with hair, so I usually just put it in a ponytail to keep it easy!

    I love the dress... Especially with that great hat. Your hair looks great tho, btw.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, consider me your newest follower :)

  12. your blog is fabulous with a lot of great fashion ideas! I am so excited to follow you.

    i hope you follow back so we can stay in touch! Stay beautiful :)

  13. What an awesome dress (and you can never go wrong with hats, styled hair or no!)

  14. What a beautiful dress! So stunning!

  15. hi beautiful! i just found your blog and after going through it i must say i love it! you have great style...would you be interested in following each other? let me know

  16. Guys. Seriously. This blog is awesome! Thanks for commenting on mine. I am following now :)

  17. This is my first time in your blog but I should say I really enjoyed it. Hats are the greatest invention ever--after heels :)

    All the best,
    The Boyfriend Project

  18. such a rad dress

  19. the lipstick is looking so beautiful!

  20. Have a lovely weekend! appreciate ur comment so much.

    issa x
    New post is up!

  21. Hello, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello!
    I also really like your outfit here, the dress suits you really well!

    Have a great day,

  22. this is such a beautiful dress!


  23. Bahah it's always been a joke with my friends and family that I have no freaking clue how to do hair or makeup...... I know it's mean but I often get annoyed with those girls that are actually good at stuff like that!!!! Btw this dress is Fawesome.......when you have great style i feel like all of the cat-eyes and top knots aren't necessarily needed :)
    Brooke @ what2wear

  24. Im not so great at doing hair either but I happen to love makeup! You don't really need much though, your so pretty. I love the pop of red and that vintage dress is gorge!

  25. Really like the fact both of you go for quite different looks :)
    Style With Friends