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Last week my boyfriend sat me down and told me that we needed to talk. “Oh shit, this must be serious…”I thought to myself. And it was. “Babe…I love you more than anything. You know that I will support you unconditionally and that I am always here for you. But (deep breath)…we need to address your clothing situation.” He’s right, I have a problem. It’s more than I problem. It’s a full blown addiction. I swear to GOD my tiny one bedroom apartment cannot handle one more piece of clothing…like seriously, not even a head scarf. There is no more space. My clothes are strewn across the apartment. Carrie Bradshaw style; mini skirts stored in my nightstand. High Heels in the kitchen cabinets. A growing stack of vintage tees stored atop my desk. My mind was racing…we can’t live like this anymore! “Babe…” I quickly quipped back, “Don’t think of them as merely clothes. This is my INVENTORY, for my new business…an Etsy shop! I’m specializing in vintage clothing and accessories…” 

 And so…”Shop Pardon My Fashion” is born! I love each of my unique vintage pieces like my own children, but I am excited to see how my stylish blogosphere friends can breathe a new life of stylish adventures into them! PS- If you’ve seen Chels or myself wear something on the blog that you would like to have in your own closet, then send us an email at PardonMyFashion@gmail.com and you’ll totes get first dibs ;)

PPS- Sorry bout the technical difficulties earlier, ladies. Thank you for the heads up...I suck at HTML.


  1. Good luck on the shop ;), I am also addicted, we actually added a couple of rooms to our flat and one has turned into a walk in closet, and it's already full ! Kisses from Italy

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  2. Haha! Mean boyfriend. Although seriously, I feel your pain. I have a staircase of shoes and it's ridiculous. x

  3. Love!


    -S Xx

  4. I'm going to do something like this soon too! I don't have a job and I could use some money, and half the clothes in my closet I don't wear anymore. Good luck with selling yours! Any tips when I set up my shop?


  5. We've all been there- too much shopping turns into no more room for clothes! Good for you in opening the shop! :)


  6. I need to clean out my closet too, luckily my boyfriend hasn't said anything. And I'm slowly taking over all the drawers in the house!

  7. Ooooh how exciting!! Ill be checking that out ;)


  8. Great idea !!!

    Nice blog girls

    Bisous from France

  9. Love this!
    follow each other?