The 10 Commandments of Thrifting

As usual, this entire ensemble is from a Thrift Store. Minus the boots, it cost $26. (Fur is expensive...even at a thrift shop!) Wore this out for lunch in Laguna Beach with my man...people were HIGHLY amused by my fuzzy hat. And now, for the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed, 10 COMMANDMENTS OF THRIFTING by the Ruler of the Thrifting Universe, ME:

1. Thou shall not pay attention to sizes. This blazer for instance, is a size 10. I would normally wear a size 2...but look how wonderfully draped and oversized the fit is. DO. NOT. LOOK. AT. SIZES. Trust.

2. Thou shall possess the knowledge of fabrics and colors. Guys, WHO has time to sit in a thrift store sifting through the hundreds upon hundreds of hideously GRODY items that have NO redeeming fashion value? Not me. This is why I sift, keeping 2 things at top of mind: color palettes I wants and fabrics that I want. I simply graze my eyes across the racks until a color or fabric stands out, then I assess the item and keep grazing!

3. Thou shall keep an open mind. Every once in a while, I find an item that has a beauty that has yet to be revealed to the world. (AKA, it needs a makeover.) This is because it just needs a modern touch...a chopping off of the hem, a shortening of the sleeves, a dye job, or good old fashioned coat of spray paint. (Yes- you CAN spray paint shoes.) Get creative with it. When it only cost $5, who cares if you eff it up.

4. Thou shall know shapes and silhouettes. What are you interested in adding to your wardrobe? What is “in” this season? Oversized or fitted? Drop waisted or high waisted? Mini skirts or maxi skirts? Having this in mind will also help you to hone in on the items you really want.

5. Thou shall not underestimate the denim selection. Guys, they have designer jeans in there! Scan the racks and keep an eye out for QUALITY fabrics. That way, you don’t have to sift.

6. Thou shall visit the Men’s and Children’s sections. I found the perfectly worn pair of vintage Levi’s 501...in the little boys section. You can also find great oversized blazers, vintage tee’s, and sweaters in Men’s!

7. Thou shall check the valuables case for some great statement bits, baubles, and jewels...and every once in a while you might find a designer bag!

8. Thou shall look for modern shoe shapes. When shoe shopping, shape is the most important factor. What shapes are you looking for this season? Pointy toe or almond toe? Slingbacks or ankle straps? Knee high boots or booties? Find the shape that fits your criteria and assess from there!

9. Thou shall stop by Home Decor. Don’t forget to pass thru home decor section for cheap frames that you can customize, tons of colorful vases, trinkets, candles, and even furniture. (You didn’t think my wardrobe was the extent of my collection...did you?!)

10. Thou shall practice, practice, practice. Hate to say it but practice makes perfect. The more you thrift the better of an eye you will develop. Also, you have been warned..you may become addicted. Thrifting is highly, higlhly addictive ;)

Thrifted blazer, hat, top, and shorts. Via Spiga boots.

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  1. First things first, The Beach House is effing amazing. The eggs benedict...oh mah gawd.

    Secondly, I love your hat. So much. And those boots. Girl, you look hot! I think this is my favorite post so far & I'm inspired to go out and use your commandments.




  2. yup, just shared this with my readers on the What2Wear facebook page......thank you for this!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. I love the blazer and the shorts

  4. I am addicted to thrifting! Great tips and you look gorgeous, I love the white on white x

  5. Thous shalt be careful with vintage clothing and not pull on it (you're guilty of thos one). Trie vintage clothing ia delicate! Ps Frankie called me on the phone and asked me if you would like 'red boots'. I told him to trust his instincts. We were both right :)

  6. thank you for your sweet comment!

    this is a wonderful post! i pretty much agree with everything you said. and i adore your outfit, particularly your blazer and the fur!

    the other day, i got a vintage designer fur coat for only $45. and an off-white linen blazer from one of my favourite designers for only $5!!!! (that blazer is usually $300-$400! but i guess whoever was pricing the blazer doesn't know their haute couture lol)


  7. Omg! This is so funny! I love the 10 commandments of thrifting!
    You now have a new follower :)


  8. love this look, the boots are amazing love the color contrast between the shoes and the all white outfit
    following you now

    xx ish

  9. Great tips! Love the shirt!

  10. great boots! love! www.fashionifancy.com

  11. In total love with your blog. Such a nice and helpful article. Saved it to evernote!

    And love that thrifted jacket so much ! Following you on GFC !

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  12. The Chapka is so cute in white ! lovely blog girls! Thanks you so much to stop by my blog!


  13. I like this outfit !


    Coline !

  14. And a third and again stunning outfit, I so admire you two's fashion. I love the look of all the textures, that hat, the velvet, those boots. :D


  15. such a cool look! i really like it :-)

  16. Haha, had to laugh at your thrifting rules as they are so true! Love your look here (was your head hot?). Thanks for finding me; I am a new follower! Xo