Ladies, lets talk jewelry. I LOVE jewelry; in fact my life would simply not be the same without it. Where would fashion blogging be without the gaggle of cross necklaces, McQueen skull rings, bedazzled collar necklaces, that one YSL ring, Michael Kors oversized watches, and the ubiquitous ‘arm party’...all of these being worn at the same time, of course. There is an Over-Accessorizing Outbreak sweeping and nation...and it’s the worst one I’ve seen since the Stud Pandemic debacle of 2010. (Thank God it’s not quite as bad as the Lita Plague..which we are still recovering from. It’s a long road...) Here’s a few tips and tricks so that you do not fall victim to the #OverAccessorizingOutbreak. An overdone arm party is the first symptom, so keep your bracelet consumption to say, 2 on each arm? Think about whether or not you even need that many, as this can still be considered ‘risky behavior’. Personally, I’ve decided to stick with one statement cuff. I’ve found that a single, well placed cuff can actually speak louder than a wrist full of...shit. Now rings; if you’re wearing bracelets, think about skipping the rings altogether. In general, consider letting a single ring do all the talking for you. If you’re struggling with this concept, try one ring on the left and two on the right for an unexpected mix. Necklaces are key; the CFDA recommends a single statement necklace, maybe two or three if they are of the same metal and of a simpler style. If needed, use my ensemble today as an example. I have decided that a bright beanie, lustrous purple maxi, and semi-revealing crop top are where your attention should lie...not to mention the “girls”, if you will. A single silver cuff was warranted. No further accessorization needed ;)

Thrifted beanie and skirt. Foreign Exchange Top. Demonia creepers. F21 cuff.

Until next time,


PS- OMG if there is a Crop Top pandemic I feel I may have fallen victim! Tee hee hee.


  1. I am totally with you on the single cuff – can make so much more of a statement that an armload of bracelets, and I love the one you've got on here. And that skirt is gorgeous – love it balanced with the crop top!

    Sea and Swank

  2. agreed, a single well placed cuff is just the trick! and i might be falling victim to the crop top pandemic as well :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. What. A. Babe! You are channeling some serious Carrie Bradshaw right hurr. In fact, this is one of my favorite looks of yours. There's definitely a beanie comeback going on and I think I like it.




  4. Lovely! you have a really edgy style!

  5. Cool! i like the creepers!

    xx Mounia

  6. love this outfit and the photos!
    you guys have an awesome blog, love your style!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  7. That skirt is so amazing. I can't believe it's thrifted! xE

  8. Hello again! ANother stunning outfit, this is so editoral and high fashion. This belongs in vogue :D