Dark Triad

Some people have style and some people do not. If you have style, then you know what I’m talking about. Sartorially speaking, some people just “get it”. Other people...just don’t. (I know, it makes me sad too.) But, It’s never really bothered me, because as they say, “to each their own.” Good news is, if your reading this blog, then you are most likely a very stylish individual. (BRAVO!) Did you know that according to some Psychology mumbo-jumbo, us fashion-worshippers possess personality traits known as the “Dark Triad”? (I know, so dark, mysterious, and...cool.) Ah...hold up; that ‘Dark Triad’ thing is actually narcissism, Machiavellianism, and...PSYCHOPATHY. Um, WTF? Lemme get this straight. You’re telling me, old white man, that my creative outlet; my attempt to communicate ideas, concepts, and artistically express myself through the garments that adorn my body makes me a narcisistic, power hungry, psychopath?! The study goes on to say that, “When people high in Dark Triad traits dress-up, they may experience greater increments in self-esteem or derive more satisfaction from the additional attention they receive, compelling them to continue dressing well.” So you’re saying that the increased self esteem and personal satisfaction we derive from our style is actually...a bad thing? Isn’t confidence and self-love like, totally in? I’m no Freud but what exactly is the problem here? Why these psychologists be hatin’ on us?! Do these psychologists consider fashion an art, the way we do? Are painters, writers, designers, musicians, and other creatives considered psychopathic, too?! Read more on this study here, and let me know your thoughts. Or if you feel so inclined, shout off about it on your blog, too...and then send me a link! Us fashionistas gotta stick together, man...

Vintage sweater that I stole from my sister Ashley.Vintage fur stoll. Vintage skirt. Vintage Gucci watch. F21 booties. 

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  1. Omg so in love with you and you sister's style. Love this look in your post and your pictures are amazing! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog following you now :)


  2. gorgeous sweater, and great look over all! <3

  3. love the look, the oversized knit is amazing and love the skirt
    xx ish

  4. Love this look - I love the tartan skirt!

  5. Hahaah if that's how they want to explain it then yes it definitely needs to be questioned...... Because historically they have made some hiccups in assessing certain tendencies!!! Ps that red fur stole.....fawesome :)
    Brooke @ what2wear

  6. I love love love this look! It reminds me of cluless tthe movie!


  7. this is such a beautiful outfit-great quality! love your blog! i followed :) check out mine? x

  8. Oh my gosh hahaa, you are hilarious and I love the way you write and definitely agree with you. These photos belong in a magazine, they're so good and I love this outfit!

  9. Absolutely adorable outfit!
    The fur really adds a nice touch and it's a great color!
    Thanks for the sweet comment. I love coming across fellow bloggers in socal.
    I'm following you!

  10. Dear thank You so much for that lovely comment You Left on my blog! I am really amazed by Your style, this combination is a show stopper! From now, i am Your new follower ^^


  11. You're gorgeous girl! Love that you rock vintage so well. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. :)

  12. Absolutely love this outfit - that vintage fur stole is GORGEOUS! Reminds me of Prada soooo much. Let me know if you ever decide to sell it...

  13. Love this outfit - especially the vintage watch! :) xxx

  14. fun bright red accessories!


  15. amazing. love the unique silhouette and that fur is to dye for (ahhhhh, sorry for the bad pun but it needed to happen!)

  16. Just lovely! =)

    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  17. Nothing I love more than some red ankle booties!
    Much love from Australia xx

  18. adore your outfit and really love your commentary on the dark triad. so interesting!


  19. Your look seems so effortless, yet it's really eye-catching, love it!


  20. Liking the red with the neutrals. thought you were Sienna!

  21. Well, this dark triad thing sounds a bit sad, but as you said, clothes lovers ought to stick together when physcology tells us we're wrong.

    But you aren't wrong to wear that! You look great. I love the school-girl like skirt juuuust bearly peeking out at the bottom of this glamourous look.