I wore this little short suit number to work last week. As I explained to my coworker, I am trying to embrace Summer for all it's worth and wear all the shorts and miniskirts and sundresses I can because in December I will be wishing I had! Although in reality I just wanna put on some thigh high boots, a fur coat, and a hat and welcome Fall into my arms. You may ask yourself, "Brittany, will there ever be a seasonally appropriate time for you to don that specific ensemble? Don't you live in SoCal where the variance in temperature is like, 20 degrees...all year long?" Technically speaking, yes, but I mean have you ever experienced 50 degree temperatures?! I rest my case. SOOOOO, short suits are kind of like mullets; business on the top, party on the bottom. Are shorts appropriate for the workplace? I don't know, but they are appropriate in my workplace, because our human resources department is a party of one. SCORE! To further push the boundaries of the proper professional attire, I decided to wear a T-shirt with a a killer zombie and a naked lady on it...on the same day. When I brought this to HR's attention, her response was, "Oh, I wanna see." I love my job!

F21 blazer, necklace, and bracelet. Vintage Tee, shorts, and shoes. Also just...my glasses.

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