Kiki Fashion

Jasmine had a Kiki at her house Saturday night. (WTF is a Kiki? Click here.) So ya, it was pretty fab. We sat around the fire and drank and ate too much food and even told some ghost stories. We get pretty wild and crazy...JK we really don't. Of course, you gotta be lookin' real fly when you attend a Kiki, so I busted out my suede mini skirt and my new halter top that I purchased earlier that day at my favorite Pile Sale. (It reads: When provoked, I will strike!) Plus, of course, some arm party jewels, strappy sandals, and purple hair. I woke up the next morning, picked up those clothes off the floor and wore the same ensemble to brunch with my lady friends...cuz it's just that versatile of a look! (And I was just that hungover.)

Vintage Top, watch, and heels. F21 Skirt and bracelets. Random kiosk sunnies.

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  1. Your outfit was marvelous! I just want everyone to know that I wore a jean jacket with leather sleeves, a white blouse with black buttons and a collar, and leopard shorts. It was a chic party. www.fabulousmusings.blogspot.com