If you've never been to The Geffen museum in Downtown LA, allow me to set the stage. The last time I went to The Geffen Museum it was a rainy day, and inside the museum there was this green bucket just sitting there on the ground collecting water that was dripping from the ceiling. And to this day, I have NO clue whether or not there was a leak in the damn roof, or if that bucket was, well, "art". Now I'm not judging, and this isn't the type of blog where we will discuss philosohpical questions like such; I just want you to know what I was dealing with here. SO (now that the stage has been set), on Friday night Frankie, Chelsea, Aaron and I drove up to The Geffen to take in Drew Barrymore's visual art and see the sounds of our beautiful, S4LEM. Let me tell you, this PlayMOCA thing was one hip and happenin' event. It's like everyone there wakes up every morning and eats freaking CoolCool puffs for breakfast. We had the time of our life people watching, and coming up with elaborate schemes about what they put in those balloons that everyone was carrying around, until we found out it was just lipstick. Finally, Salem took to the stage and totally blew my mind. Then we bailed and went to go eat some sushi. ALL of this while wearing my vintage pink shift dress, my new headgear, and vintage buckled flats. I was a bit inspired by Chanel Pre-Fall with a dash of Marc Jacobs inspired footwear. The end. 

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  1. brittany you are so retro and cute! your hair is making me want to dye my own pink/purple... i almost bought the hair dye today but i'm a little scared of pulling the trigger on it!

    i love your new "headgear" and i am with you on the weird modern art thing... i have seen a red laser pointer aimed at a mirror at a random spot and to this day i have no clue what it could possibly mean either.

    we will probably never understand.
    oh well!