What's Black and White and Purple All Over?

It's Friday night, at 5:00 PM, and I am just winding down my work day, sitting at my Mom and Dad's kichen table, prepared to have an uneventful night of carry out with the fam. (ie. I don't look cute...like, at all.) When all of the sudden; my phone rings... 

LEAH: What are you doing tonight? 
ME: Chillin' with my Fam. 
LEAH: I just got VIP tickets to a ComiCon After Party, do you want to go? 
ME: Yes. LEAH: Ok. We leave in 2 hours. 

Commence DEFCON 5 level state of Fashion Emergency. I am like, fully in jeans and a t-shirt, 50 miles away from home (where hanging in my closet is a dress that's just been waiting to make it's debut. DAMNIT.) with nothing to wear. If you're a female, you already know your way out of this pickle...(all together now) FOOOORREEEEEVVEEEEEERRRR TWEEEENNNNTTTTYYYYY OOOOOOOONNNNNEEEEEEEE! 

So, I hightailed it down to the Irvine Spectrum and made a beeline for the fast and dirty fashion mecca that is, F21. Where, I proceeded to purchase my ENTIRE ComiCon outfit from head to toe. I let ComiCon speak to me as I waded through the sea of neon bandage skirts and flowy, asymmetrical, cold-shoulder button ups. Finally, a matching shift dress and blazer combo that spoke to me! The black and white color palette with a splash of purple reminded me of pop-art comics, and I think I sealed the deal with my two cuffs, a la the super stylish Wonder Woman (for a subtle superhero reference). 

The party was FAB. There were C and D list celebrities everywhere. (Isn't that the guy from Clueless? There that guy that did commentary on I Love the 80's. He is the pedofile from Prison Break! And so on, and so forth.) We danced, we drank, we photo-boothed, and we payed $50 for parking. All in all, a lovely ComiCon experience.
Forever21; EVERYTHING. Thank you to Noelle Roys for the gorgeous photos! Obvi couldn't take the photos before the event since...time was a bit of an issue ;)


  1. Wonder woman realness! Can't wait to see part 2 ( you can't wait to see part 2!) your legs were looking spectac that day. www.fabulousmusings.blogspot.com

  2. Very very cute!!! Love the whole outfit!!! :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

    xo - Brittany :)


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