Beach Daze

Lately, my little sister Ashley and I have been obsessed with the ocean. On Sunday, we went to Laguna to get some Starbucks, nap in the sun, and people watch. Although we live 20 minutes from the coast, trips to the beach have become a nearly daily occurrence, as we both see it as somewhat therapeutic. The beach is a place where we can go and sit on the soft sand and stare at the ocean as the waves come in and out and in and out and in and out and neither of us cares if we even say a word to each other. But, since I seem to have a camera permanently attached to my hand thee days..our beach sessions usually just turns into a photo shoot. I mean...duh.

Random tank. L*Space Pants. Target Booties. Vintage scarf. Dogeared jewelry.

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Military Complex

Lately I have been into the idea of putting a militant spin on what would otherwise be a casual ensemble. Obviously I'm not your run-of-the-mill street style soldier...that's why I'm sportin' my blinged out general's jacket. Red booties add a commie twist and a camo tee pulls the look together. All paired with denim cut-offs because I mean, shit, I'm a fashion blogger aren't I? 

Vintage jacket. Vintage tee. Vintage shorts. F21 booties. 

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PS- Orange hurr, don't curr! 


Shady's Back...Tell A Friend

To be completely, 100% honest with you (all 14 of ‘you’ reading this), when I started this blog 1.5 years ago I had assumed that by now I would have achieved some sort of fashion blogger stardom...but things didn’t pan out that way. Whatever…#fuggit. It’s kinda comical how we’re trained to live our life in a neverending state of thinking about “our future”. But I suck at making ‘plans’, I would much rather just deal with life as it’s coming at me, with no expectations of what I’m supposed to be doing and no picture in my head of what my life should look like. Have you noticed that it doesn’t really matter what kind of “plan” we have mapped out for our future anyways? Life continues to unfold in ways we never could have expected.

Which is exactly what my life has been doing lately, and precisely the reason I needed a little break. After Chelsea left I had to ask myself, “Self, should you continue to blog? Why?” And here’s what I came up with: I will continue to blog with no expectations as to what ‘kind’ of blog this is or where it’s heading. I will blog for the following reasons: I love to write, I love sharing my photography, I love showing off my vintage duds, and I looooooove shootin the shit with people about fashion and the role it plays in our life.

So...I’m back bitches.

Vintage jacket. Vintage dress. Converse All Stars. Random little jewels.


Times They Are A Changin

You know how on December 26th you wake up feeling kinda depressed that Christmas is over? Like, how it kind of lingers and you sorta pretend it’s still there and it still feels like Christmas time but...it’s not. It’s gone and that’s just that. Well that’s how I felt after Chelsea moved last Wednesday. Yes...Chelsea has gone off to live on her own in the lil college town of Chico, 8 hours north of The Bubble, drop-dead in the middle of nowhere. So proud of that lil chica, albeit no less depressed that my PIC is gone. Meanwhile, that very same week I started a fancy new job as “Social Media Specialist” for an OC based fashion brand... #ExecutiveRealness. So, Chels is off to college to get more knowledge and I’m starting my climb up the corporate ladder. Times they are a changin’- and I guess that means the blog will be a changin’ too. Consistency is something that this blog never has, and never will stand for! 

 Here are some photos I've taken of Chels over the years. I LOVE taking photos. But usually only of people I know, who won't be all self conscious in front of me. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

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This is one of those outfits in which I felt like I needed to text Britt before she saw me, to give her ample warning. “I may or may not be wearing a belly chain right now...” I told her. No response. TYPICAL. 

“OH. MY. GAWD...where did you get that belly chain?!” she exclaimed/questioned upon seeing me. 

“Dude, I made it,” I told her, “Is it like, way too much?” I asked, gesturing that I felt a bit over-exposed. 

“NO WAY,” she quipped back, “Didn’t you see that Rihanna was recently running around town in a mesh tee with her nips out?” So remember ladies, if you’re ever asking yourself whether or not your ensemble is too racy, too sexy, etc...exposed nippes are now apparently now the norm...in addition to casual gold belly chains ;)

Buttery Soft Vintage suede blazer. Vintage skirt. Vintage boots. Foreign Exchange Crop Top. 

Until Next Time., 



The Orange County Fair

Goddamn...I looooove me a lil shift dress. I picked up this bandana-printed number at the Pile Sale and chopped off 5 inches from the hemline- it was bordering on MuuMuu territory. Finally, I found the perfect occasion to debut it in all it’s glory; the County Fair! Let me clarify- this is the Orange County fair, where you’ll find Bentleys, Phantoms, and Range Rovers sprinkled amongst the out-of-towners old Ford pick-up trucks. It is a truly glorious affair, where inlander’s and OC folk alike can bond over a mutual love of culinary delicacies such as deep-fried oreos and Krispy Kreme sloppy joes. No one would have guessed that I was an OC native; my bandana dress and cowgirl hat gave me maaaaajor country cred. I was serving true cowgirl realness amongst the hoards of OC teeny boppers costumed in studded denim cut-offs, Brandy Melville American Flag crop-tops and aviator sunnies. Although allllll of us OC girls could totally bond over the fact that we are not accustomed to country rituals such as a 'rodeo' and they are like, really, really mean those bulls. Maybe if you treated them with a lil more respect and kindness they wouldn’t be trying so hard to get you off their back, ya know? And then you would be the winner. BOOM.

Vintage dress. Vintage hat. DIY necklace. Vans High Tops.

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Martha Rosler and Fashion

I have an interest in all of the visual arts; painting, photography, film, and um, duh: fashion. This online quiz thing once told me I was a “Visual Thinker”... #OMG #SoTrue. So, I recently ended up in a Google black-hole exploring the work of Martha Rosler, an artist who primarily uses collage as her medium of choice. I was particularly interested in her most recent body of work, which incorporates images from modern fashion magazines within each piece. When someone decides to mix fashion within another medium, I totally geek out.

Ok so at this point you’re probably like, “Fashion collages? Really? Giiiiirl, I decorated all my High School binders with cool fashion collages and you don’t see my shit hanging in no museum. Who cares?” So, okay, collage may not be the most difficult of mediums to master, but it gives Rosler’s work an emotional value that no other medium could not have achieved. An important aspect of her work is the fact that she uses only pre-made images, imagery that already exists in the world, independent of Rosler putting them together. The tension that this juxtaposition creates hits the viewer like a ton of bricks. See:

We are a generation that has been inundated with war imagery. We are also a generation that has been equally as inundated with glossy fashion advertising. Separately, neither of these images get a rise out of us. We are desensitized to the violence of war just as we are desensitized to the facade of advertising. We have an equal familiarity with both. Rosler’s work forces us to confront this, and makes us think about the way the we process media today. Thoughts my fellow fashion lovers? PS- Sorry if this work has offended you but...well the best art does that, doesn't it?

Until Next Time,