Military Complex

Lately I have been into the idea of putting a militant spin on what would otherwise be a casual ensemble. Obviously I'm not your run-of-the-mill street style soldier...that's why I'm sportin' my blinged out general's jacket. Red booties add a commie twist and a camo tee pulls the look together. All paired with denim cut-offs because I mean, shit, I'm a fashion blogger aren't I? 

Vintage jacket. Vintage tee. Vintage shorts. F21 booties. 

Until next time, 


PS- Orange hurr, don't curr! 


  1. Really nice !

  2. You're awesome!! Adore your boots ;D

  3. Here's some things.
    1. Where you been at the pile sale guuurl?
    2. We are like ET and Elliot. I too have been just now getting back around to posting AND I want to dye my hair orange.
    3. So glad you're back. :) You're a babe.

  4. love this outfit! argh! if i saw that jacket face to face, i would surely acquire it thru some kind of robbery or mind control tactic. gorgeous! red booties are sweet too! :D

  5. ok dont care if its sounds trite and cliche but OBSESSED. that jacket is heaven and obviously thrown on with cutoffs and ankle boots seems totally relevant for every day wear. once again, so glad you are back
    brooke @ tigers dont lose sleep

  6. I love your jacket and boots x


  7. oooow this hair color look so good in you !! Im in love

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