Times They Are A Changin

You know how on December 26th you wake up feeling kinda depressed that Christmas is over? Like, how it kind of lingers and you sorta pretend it’s still there and it still feels like Christmas time but...it’s not. It’s gone and that’s just that. Well that’s how I felt after Chelsea moved last Wednesday. Yes...Chelsea has gone off to live on her own in the lil college town of Chico, 8 hours north of The Bubble, drop-dead in the middle of nowhere. So proud of that lil chica, albeit no less depressed that my PIC is gone. Meanwhile, that very same week I started a fancy new job as “Social Media Specialist” for an OC based fashion brand... #ExecutiveRealness. So, Chels is off to college to get more knowledge and I’m starting my climb up the corporate ladder. Times they are a changin’- and I guess that means the blog will be a changin’ too. Consistency is something that this blog never has, and never will stand for! 

 Here are some photos I've taken of Chels over the years. I LOVE taking photos. But usually only of people I know, who won't be all self conscious in front of me. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Until next time, 



  1. Cool pictures ! :D

  2. That's why I like to keep my Christmas tree up until after New Years, stretch that Christmas joy out for an extra week at least you know. In this case can I suggest a life size cut out of Chelsea......too weird? Ok, how about 'embrace the change'? It's as good as a holiday, or so I'm told.


  3. Ah times really are a-changing but hopefully you are both moving onto bigger and better things, can;t wait to see how it all turns out!

    Maria xxx

  4. Aww you guys look so adorable together and these pictures are so fun! I can totally see what great times you two must of had, but I g uess it's part of life. I felt the same way when I left high school, and again when I left university. Change is inevitable, and I'm always stuck in nostalgia. Best of luck with your job :)


  5. Hey you two! Congrats on your new beginnings and these bitter sweet life changes! You two are so so chic and adorable...will check back with you on your blog for more pics and news!!

    I am so nostalgic right now, too, like Dec 26, for your blog which has become a fast favorite!!

    Love you guys,
    Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. Change is good, reviewing the past is also gd but the future is always better gd luck to both of you x