The Facts of Fashion

FACT: Fashion and style are primarily an art form for women.

FACT: People generally assume that those who are interested in fashion and style are vain and superficial.

FACT: Society holds a woman’s physical appearance in great esteem.

And when you put them all together...

Women are greatly valued for their looks and encouraged to ornament themselves in any which way, so as to make themselves appear more beautiful ie. of more value to society. And so we are granted great creative freedom in fashion and style, and have turned it into a form of art where we can express ourselves in ways that men cannot. And then this one facet of life in which women are granted the greatest creative freedom is inextricably linked to being trivial and shallow? Dats some reeeeeeeeal bullshit, ya know?

Whatever, jokes on you boys. We're taking over the world (one fierce ensemble at a time) and you didn't even see it coming.

Thrifted dress (Is this a dress? It is now. #FashionHacker) and heels.

Until next time,



  1. Such a gorgeous dress !

  2. Well said. And you are rocking the hell out of that dress.

  3. Glad someone finally called out that paradox!! In love with that dress - and it sure as hell is one if you say it's so!! <3

    -Jean XXX

  4. This is so right it hurts my heart a little. People can label fashion shallow and trivial all they want, but until they stop actually wearing clothes I'm going to call bullshit everytime.


  5. who run the world, girls. love those heels, give me a huge buckle every day of the week. and love how you're working the leg in that mini dress, eat your hearts out and bow down boys!


  6. the tennis vibe of the dress is great! And yes let's do it! Ruling the world, easy peasy.

  7. Great legs! Well done my brave fashionista =)