On Luxury and Secondhand

I went to the mall the other day. Srsly, the mall has nothing to offer me anymore. Has anyone noticed how all the stores merchandise sort of blends together now? Everyone sells the same shit, by the HUNDREDS of units. And I mean like, high-end, mid-level, big-box, fast-fashion...it’s ALL a big circle jerk of knock-offs and copy-cats. Nothing feels “special” anymore, ya know? Guess that’s why over the years I morphed into  a ride-or-die secondhand, thrift, and vintage Queen. At this point, my wardrobe mainly consists of people’s castoffs...which is really just a fancy word for trash. I wear people’s trash. And yet hanging in my closet are silks, velvets, cashmeres, and furs a plenty. I sometimes get a bad rap for being “cheap”...and ok fine, I am. But I looooooooove luxury, and secondhand is the only way I can obtain my own version of “luxury” within my wardrobe, so to speak. It’s like Alber Elbaz said to WWD in April 2013, “I think that luxury is at a turning point. For me, luxury is authentic; it has to be special and unique. The moment everybody has it, it’s no longer a luxury. It may be expensive but not luxury, so I think it has to be special enough to be really luxury." WERD UP, HOMIE.

Vintage OP top. Vintage Wrangler skirt. F21 choker. F21 Sandals. <-- Hypocrite.

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  1. Love your shoes !

  2. you described the exact feeling I have when I go to clothing stores that sell new stuff. and I love your top!


  3. So colourful! Making me miss summer over here in wintery Australia right now!


  4. SHUT UP there is no way that skirt is a real thing!!!

  5. yep. I noticed that about mass produced fashion in Vietnam most def, for melbourne we can still find unique boutique-y things, but i'll cost ya! thrifting, or getting clothes tailored is a much better option. i love love this skirt, it truly is a gem! :)

  6. Amen to that sister, the only time I ever find something I like at the mall is a 49 cent ice cream cone for doodle or an item that is burried in the back of a sale rack that I find amazing and apparently everyone else hated!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  7. So great outfits!! Adore your style dear :)

  8. plastic pockets! What a killer concept. Ya, the mall stresses me out while letting me down profoundly. Second hand forever!

  9. you are amazing. seriously, i cannot get OVER this outfit. i seriously can't buy stuff at the mall anymore either- those prices just give me sticker shock. and i love all the interesting pieces you can find at second hand shops- like where would you find plastic pockets at F21?!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. this outfit is ****ing amazing just i cant.. wowowowow! i just love you and your style you dont understand!!

    please check out my blog i really appreciate it!


  11. I love this post! I agree with you about the melting pot of identical fashion! I adore those shoes and the clear pocket on your skirt!!


  12. You and Chelsea always have really interesting words to go with your sweet style. I'm growing into my love of thrifting; I've sort of made a promise to myself that I won't buy anything new for the rest of the year. I agree that the only way to find luxury for some is buying second hand. That quote by Elbaz really speaks strongly to my own sentiments: if everyone has it, it is no longer a luxury.

  13. that last photo is gorgeous, that could be a still of some 60s hottie on the beach blanket bingo set! and i couldn't agree more with this pro thrift sentiment. all it takes is one non thrift shopping outing to see and lament the fact that everything is just being done and redone instantly. vintage for life and this is a prime example of vintage done right and taking a trend back to its source thereby making you the trendiest of the trendsetters.


  14. Love your shirt!!