Pachuca y Chola Realness

Growing up in SoCal, only 2 hours away from the border, it’s impossible not to be immersed in Mexican or more specifically, “Cali-Mexican” culture. I know I’m just a gringa (white girl) but lately I have been obsessing over Pachuca and Chola fashion…both of which inspired my look today. Pachuco is a subculture of Hispanic and Latino Americans that is associated with zoot suits, street gangs, nightlife, and flamboyant public behavior. The entire culture and style movement revolved around the idea of “see and be seen”. (LOVE THAT.) The Pachuca is the female counterpart, and these ladies were known for challenging the dominant perception of women at a time when it was considered PC for a woman to be in the home, tending to the family, cleaning, cooking, blah blah blah. The Pachucas were having none of this, they were too busy were hanging with their zoot suit gangsta boy toys and hitting the nightlife scene on the daily. And they were doing it in serious style, further challenging the gender norms by wearing men’s zoot suits, heavy makeup, and extravagant hair style. Get it girrrrrls. The Pachucas of the 40’s inspired the Chola subculture of the 90’s that has been popularized by my fellow SoCal sisters Gwen and Fergie. You guys know how I looooooove my bad ass babe style…and I’m not gonna lie, wearing a bandana on my head like this made me feel gangstah in the best way.

Thrifted jacket. Vintage dress. F21 jewelry. F21 metallic sandals. Thrifted head scarf.

Until next time,


PS- Wouldn’t you loooooove to see a Rodarte collection based on Chola fashion? I feel these are the only ladies who would do it justice.

PPS- If you need more inspiration then check out my Pinterest board titled, “ChOLa y PAChUCa”. 


  1. That dress is lovely! And I love all the silver accents!

  2. Oh I absolutely LOVE this, I have an affinity or any kind of female renegade.....which I consider you and Chelsea to be :)
    Brooke @ what2wear

  3. love the look, the dress is so pretty really adore it <3
    xx ish

  4. Loved this fashion history lesson! Being a Midwestern woman, I didn't know much about the Pachuca ladies. I'm going to have to do a little style inspiration research of my own now!

    I love that dress on you. The neck and hemlines are just great.


  5. You look great I love the headband

  6. this is the coolest outfit. i love it. :D

  7. I love the dress and the silver sandals the best.

    Anne xox


  8. it's often been said that well behaved women rarely make history and the pachucas y cholas by whom you're inspired are no exception. so it looks like you're in some very good company. love the bandana and the pops of silver.

    abigail lind

  9. Love your style!!


  10. NAILED IT. Love this look. Thanks for the history lesson, mama. (The both pictorial and textural). The sky blue bandana is perfect with the black and white dress. You shoulda topped it off with super dark lipliner and pale lips. (not really).
    Lovely and edgy and unusual and beautiful...what else is new?

    p.s. Do you remember that song "Hey Pachuco!!" that was in the movie The Mask and popularized in the nineties by none other than Royal Crown Revue? That song is THE JAYUM.