Life is For Ridiculous Hats and Pink Mini Skirts

Last week, I read a fabulous blog post by the lovely Gabrielle of Look Sharp Sconnie, in which one sentence in particular struck me: “Now, instead of dressing to live, I live to dress, and walks are made to give me something to wear.” FUCK. YES. Story time! I have always loved fashion…ALWAYS. I do not remember a time when what I wore was not of upmost importance to me. I was always known as a “fashion freak” to my peers, a title I cherished and definitely lived up to. College heralded an era when I developed more of an appreciation, no- an outright burning passion for all things relating to style, design, and fashion. Plot twist: In 2011 I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, year…because I was BROKE. Like, how am I gonna pay da billz broke. But ya know, that happens to people. The point is, during this period, I alienated myself from the fashion world and my passions completely fell by the wayside. I felt like I didn’t have time, money, or energy to devote to something that felt so, frivolous. And I didn’t quite feel like…me. I mean, where did “fashion freak” go?! One day, my man suggested we go window shopping at some vintage stores. And so we went. And we stumbled across a “Pile Sale”. And it was quite literally a giant pile of vintage clothes, and every single item in said pile is $5…or less. And I think I ended up staying for like, 3 hours. And I freaked out about spending $30 on 7 or 8 drop-dead-fabulous pieces; but I did it anyway. Because I had an epiphany sitting atop that pile; when you are passionate about something you will do it every damn day- no excuses. Find a way. Immerse yourself in your passions as much as you possibly can. Whatever it is; running, sailing, painting, Dance Dance Revolution, reading, writing, being a Mom, trading stocks, your dog, teaching…or maybe a combination of all these things. When you live life with passion, everything feels better. I haven’t missed a Pile Sale since that first one, and never let a day go by without indulging myself in some study of the sartorial sciences ;) Life is too damn short not to wear ridiculous hats and pink mini skirts. Can I get a Amen?

Vintage sweater. Vintage skirt. Thrifted hat. Steve Madden boots. 

PS- Cash flow is good these days so don’t cry for me Argentina. I could certainly go out and buy more “expensive” clothes but…well that would make me a sucker ;)

Until next time,



  1. I love this look! That sweater is perfect and you look amazing dear! xx


  2. Sounds like your "broke year" was a blessing in disguise. I certainly am glad you discovered pile sales, because you inspire me with your vintage stylings -like- all the time.

    Thanks for the motivation, B!

  3. This post made me so happy. I seriously have felt guilty for so long for how much my sanity and happiness depends upon material objects. It's hard to reconcile that something so endemic to myself has such a large impact on my psyche.

    I've grown to accept it , though, as part of who I am.

    It's so wonderful that you were able to find an affordable, and honestly, more creative outlet for your passion, and I truly got choked up when I imagined the release and sense of self you felt when finding that pile sale. It just made me feel so happy for you, and so glad that you found vintage clothes when you needed them most.

    Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to meet you one day and have vintage adventures of our own :)


  4. great! i am kinda in love with this outfit, particularly the sweater. xox

  5. Absolutely adore this post! That skirt is AMAZING.

  6. Wow this is such a unique and incredible outfit! You look amazing :)


  7. In love with the jumper. x

  8. amen sister, i loved that post from Gabrielle too! and this vintage sweater literally just made my day
    brooke @ what2wear

  9. AMEN! Love this post so much!! <3

  10. I have always maintained that it is not the price of items rather the item itself - some of my FAVOURITE pieces ever were £1! It's an amen from me and you look great in this pink skirt/jumper combo!

    MB x

  11. Love this pink skirt, the perfect way to brighten your day :)

    Maria xxx