West Bank Style

Like the true vintage addicts that we are, Chelsea and I decided to do scour the vintage shops of Laguna Beach last week to get our fix. We discovered our new favorite spot, Macalistaire at 1850, which, one the one side, is a treasure trove brimming with gorgeous vintage frocks, luxurious furs, and bits and baubles galore. And on the other side, human skulls, vintage gyno sets, rare albino taxidermy, and jewelry made out of animal bones. Basically; BEST. STORE. EVER. For our casual little coffee and shopping excursion I went with a look inspired by a young parisian boy living and working as an artist at the turn of the century in Paris. (You know, the cool kinda kid who rocks his signature red beret, smokes cigs and drinks red wine along the West Bank every Sunday afternoon with his buddy Henri Matisse.) This character came to mind after I had pulled the look from my closet in the morning, and left me feeling foot loose and fancy free all day long. Do you ever behave differently based on what you’re wearing? Dreaming up elaborate characters and stories based on what I’m wearing has always injected itself into my fashion personality. A little role playing never hurt anyone ;)

Vintage coat. Vintage top. Gap jeans. Wet Seal booties. Target beanie.

Until next time,



  1. Nice outfit :)
    You are beautiful



  2. super cute outft..let's follow each other. I die for vintage too!


  3. That coat is DIVINE. I love this. (:


  4. This shop sounds absolutely amazing! I love your outfit and the story behind it, its so much fun to make up stories like this, especially with vintage items! Hope you're having an awesome day!
    xo Hannah

  5. AMAZING Blog!!
    Thank´s for the comment!


  6. Brit, you're a fox. I love your coat so much! Werk.