“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” – Alexander Wang. I totally agree, Mr. Wang. Here is one of my lazy day outfits that's been on repeat lately. Even when I am dressed down, I am dressed up. I ONLY wear sweats in my house...ok, or to the gym. (Like, twice a year.) My BFF Jazzy says that when I'm wearing sweats, I may as well be dressed in drag. Sweats make me feel like I'm in costume; I just don't feel quite myself! I even keep my sweats and PJ's hidden away in my closet, like I'm embarrassed to let my precious other pieces interact with them. In my life, fashion isn't reserved strictly for special occasions or nights out on the town- it's just part of who I am. Boyfriends jeans, a perfectly worn in vintage tee, and a beanie (don't have to brush my hair- HOLLA!) are just so much better than those heinous yoga pants everyone's wearing now-a-days. Sometimes I think I was just born in the wrong era.

Vintage tee. Vintage cardigan. Great Grandpa's belt. Vintage Levi's. Thrifted pumps. F21 Beanie and necklace.

Until next time,



  1. The fact that you wear heels on your day off is super impressive. I usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming to put my feet in anything other than a wedge (I'm working on this!). The outfit looks great on you though.


  2. You two are so fabulous! Just discovered your blog. I always admire people who can look this fabulous when they are 'dressed down'! xx



  3. I feel like I motivated you to photograph this "chola realness" outfit, so I am very proud of this one. Also, I've known you for almost 20 tears, and I think I've only seen you were sweats 3 times. I do have a picture of one of those times, however...

  4. Thanks so much for the sweet comment!
    Your heels are amazing!
    Great thrift find :)

  5. LOVE THIS! Seems like your style is very similar to mine!