It only felt right to sport my pilgrim shoes on Thanksgiving. I went for a mod-ish ensemble, again. Believe it or not this laser-cut suede mini is from F21, and this LUXE looking jacket was dug out from under my favorite pile sale...$5 ladies and gentlemen! My turkey day consisted of: sleeping in, home cooked brunch with the boyfriend, cruising down PCH, Mimosas, and a late night movie marathon. Basically, the best day ever. The next day I woke up WAY too early for you-know-what and hit the mall with Grandma, Mom, cousin, and sisters in tow. Our favorite, and only, family tradition. 'Murica.

Thrifted BCBG sweater. Vintage jacket. F21 laser cut miniskirt. Vintage pilgrim shoes.

Until next time,



  1. I am obsessed with you guys and your blog! Not just because we are BFFS but because it is so good! Love it. Keep up the good work fashionistas!