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If you know me, then you know that I love BAF's, or what I often refer to as, "Bad Ass Females". Dangerous and cool. Mysterious and curiously deceptive. Intriguing and alluring. Confident and sharp as a whip. Today's look is inspired by a real-life BAF of the past, Ines de Suarez, a Spanish conquistadora (female conquistador) and mistress to Pedro de Valdivia who participated in the Conquest of Chile, successfully defending Santiago against a Mapuche attack in 1541. Here's a little excerpt to explain the bad-assery that is Ines de Suarez:

"Suárez proposed that Spaniards decapitate the seven and toss their heads out among the Indians in order to frighten them. There was some objection to the plan, since several men felt that the fall of the city was imminent and that the captive caciques would be their only bargaining advantage with the Indians. Suárez insisted that hers was the only viable solution to their problem. She then went to the house where the chieftains were guarded by Francisco Rubio and Hernando de la Torre and gave the order for the execution. Mariño de Lobera tells that the guard, La Torre, asked, "In what manner shall we kill them, my lady?" "In this manner," she replied, and, seizing la Torre’s sword, she herself cut off the heads.

After the seven were decapitated and their heads thrown out among the Indians, Suárez donned a coat of mail and a helmet and, throwing a hide cloak over her shoulders, she rode out on her white horse. According to an eyewitness, "...she went out to the plaza and put herself in front of all the soldiers, encouraging them with words of such exaggerated praise that they treated her as if she were a brave captain,...instead of a woman masquerading as a soldier in iron mail."

So this looks for you, Suarez. It's Spanish conquistadora with a splash of Zorro and a dash of Isabel Marant. And for more BAF's in your life, check out this list of some of my faves.

Vintage top. Vintage Vest. Target Pants. Vintage Shoes. Vintage hat. (And by the way if your think that TRUE BAF's are really concerned with steaming their pants to get the wrinkles out...then you my friend are wrong.)

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