Vintage Lace

My sister and I were sitting atop a pile sale, and she pulled out this dress and notioned to me as if to say, "Yay? Nay?" The answer of course being an enthusiastic YAY, I then proceeded to have a mild freak-out. "Are you kidding me right now?! Do you SEE this dress?!" I asked her. "Look at this dress, vintage lace. they just don't make lace like this anymore...well not for $4 anyways." But I mean SERIOUSLY, I die. The colors are AMAZING, the two-toned purples have an iridescent sheen to them. Which is why I thought it would be perfectly paired with a sea-foamy green, sequined collar necklace. The lace is really very beautiful, I love the sheer detailing on the sleeves. Of course, it reminded me of everyone's fave collection from Dolce and Gabbana, so it was obvious that I had to bust out my crown of flowers again. My new booties gave this ensemble the perfect amount of hard juxtaposition that I needed.

Vintage dress. Report boots. Vintage belt. F21 necklace and flower clips.

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