Spring In My Step

We are in full on Spring mode here in Orange County. (Except for the freak rainstorm today. Ew.) So, naturally, I busted out my springiest of Spring wear. This skirt is actually supposed to be a top...the arm holes are actually providing that extra flounce and asymmetrical draping on the side there. But honestly, this top is ugly, and it's just so beautiful as a skirt! I am having an angora moment as of late. (WTF, who says that?) But seriously, over the past three months I have picked up so many angora sweaters at thrift shops. It's such a fun and luxurious texture to experiment with; very dainty and ladylike. I stole borrowed this Betsey Johnson necklace from my girlfriend Jasmine, like, 3 years ago. I think she kinda forgot that she owned it and now she thinks it's mine. Which makes me really happy because the outfit would be totally boring without it. This ensemble made me feel like I should magically teleport off to vacation in the French Riviera or something like that, but instead I somehow ended up out to lunch with Jasmine. (I didn't bring up the necklace. Neither did she.) Teleportation can be so tricky... F21 sunnies. Betsey Johnson necklace (Lova ya, Jazzy!), thrifted angora sweater. Thrifted skirt/shirt. Inc. shoes.

Vintage hat. H&M fur stoll. Vintage dress. F21 boots. 


  1. great outfit! love that sweater! :)


  2. I ADORE this outfit. It's kind of fantastic. I love what you have so far :)

    1. Thank you, Erin! That means so much coming from the blogging pro ;)

  3. Love the white top!


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  4. I love this sweater!

    xo Ashleigh


  5. Every week, your blog gets better and better. And yes, before I read it I skimmed for my name. At this point, our closets have pretty much merged.

  6. So so so pretty!! The skirt and that soft sweater are wonderful pieces, and your necklace just gorgeous!! Very lovely style!!!