I wore this floral print mini dress out for a night of drinks, dancing, and general debauchery on Main Street in Huntington Beach this past Saturday night. We went to Killarney's and danced and danced and danced. Then we had a photoshoot with a drunk guy passed out on a bench. That's just how you do it in HB. I got this dress at Wet Seal like, 4 years ago. No, seriously. I love the bow detailing on the back. It was cold, so the black fur was necessary for survival. The black hat was necessary to keep me from, then, looking like a hooker. The combo of black tights and black boots makes your legs look a million miles long...try it. I dare you. Vintage hat. Wet Seal dress. Worthington booties from my Grandma's closet.

Vintage hat. H&M fur stoll. Vintage dress. F21 boots. 


  1. Love this dress, following you!! :)

  2. Inspiring fashion, one 6 year old wet seal dress at a time. When did you get that hat? Can i borrow it?

  3. love the fur jacket.. and floral combination


  4. I told you I'd read your blog ^_^ great pictures and awesome story I can't wait to hear what Brittany Fowler cooks up next.