Baby Blue

I wore this saucy Mad Men inspired ensemble out for dinner and drinks with friends at The Porch in Newport on Friday night. (Best Mac N Cheese ever!) This vintage dress is a gorgeous pop of bright baby blue, and it makes me want to grow up to be the kind of housewife that gets dressed up for the arrival of her husband after work and greets him at the door with martinis for two. Paired with my infamous fur coat and my new clip on heart earrings I definitely look the part...

Vintage dress. Thrifted coat. Payless shoes. F21 earrings.


  1. this is awesome. gorgeous dress! it fits perfectly.

    i have a vintage store on etsy you may be interested in:

  2. Oh thank you...it seriously fits like a dream! I LOVE your shop, thank you so much for sharing, Lia.