Arizona Muse

This "top" is actually two vintage scarves haphazardly sewn together to cover the upper half of my body. The front scarf has "Arizona" written across the center, with all kinds of maps and Arizonian Indians shooting bows and arrows. And the back is just...roses. Being the mix master that I am, I paired this with my favorite leopard print coat and bright orange skinny jeans. I think somehow it all just works. Bottomed out with these random Wet Seal booties which actually look just like these Givenchy boots from back in the day.

PS- I swear I will start bringing my camera out and about with me so that all the photos aren't taken in my apartment. Yes that is Kate Moss by Terry Richardson on the wall, surrounded by portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Diane Von Furstenberg gracing the cover of Interview Magazine, and also John Galliano...yea my boyfriend made the mistake of putting me in charge of decorating the place ;)

Vintage top, F21 jeans, H&M coat, Wet Seal booties.

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