The Orange County Fair

Goddamn...I looooove me a lil shift dress. I picked up this bandana-printed number at the Pile Sale and chopped off 5 inches from the hemline- it was bordering on MuuMuu territory. Finally, I found the perfect occasion to debut it in all it’s glory; the County Fair! Let me clarify- this is the Orange County fair, where you’ll find Bentleys, Phantoms, and Range Rovers sprinkled amongst the out-of-towners old Ford pick-up trucks. It is a truly glorious affair, where inlander’s and OC folk alike can bond over a mutual love of culinary delicacies such as deep-fried oreos and Krispy Kreme sloppy joes. No one would have guessed that I was an OC native; my bandana dress and cowgirl hat gave me maaaaajor country cred. I was serving true cowgirl realness amongst the hoards of OC teeny boppers costumed in studded denim cut-offs, Brandy Melville American Flag crop-tops and aviator sunnies. Although allllll of us OC girls could totally bond over the fact that we are not accustomed to country rituals such as a 'rodeo' and they are like, really, really mean those bulls. Maybe if you treated them with a lil more respect and kindness they wouldn’t be trying so hard to get you off their back, ya know? And then you would be the winner. BOOM.

Vintage dress. Vintage hat. DIY necklace. Vans High Tops.

Until Next Time,



  1. 1)awesome shoes!
    2) the white trimming on that frock is adorable : i cannot imagine it bordering on muumuu territory
    3) i am jealous of the fact you went to a county fair, cos they are the things non americans dream about doing.

  2. im guessing you were the best dressed one there......because this is pretty damn fawesome....the "slut cut" on the dress was just the perfect touch :)))
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. Looking awesome as always, absolutely loving the dress and vans combo!

  4. there's nothing in life quite like the combination of a good shift dress, a pair of vans, and a summer day. love this and the fact that you brought a dose of country realness to the oc!


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