Mario Testino // Vogue UK // December 1998

I am still stuck in the 90’s. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna go off on some anti-consumerism, grunge-fueled rant again. (At least not today anyways...) For now, I’m into this sort of 90’s Britpop, “Party Girl” thing; she’s galavanting about town in a D&G leopard print nightgown, a slinky Gucci dress, or a lil gold, sparkly Versace number. (All of which could have just as easily come from the thrift shop...DUH.) I came across a vintage editorial that perfectly encapsulates this girl and her world, shot by the OG of that 90’s “sex sells” aesthetic, Mario Testino. The year is 1998. The scene: a house party at some DJ’s messy loft in Manchester, post Oasis concert. The vibes: Grunge infused with a heavy dose of glamour. Think lush velvets in deeply saturated hues, richly vibrant silks, furs on furs on furs, and over-the-top blinged out accessories- more is most definitely more for this chick. Why didn’t the house parties I attended EVER look like this?! I really wish my generation would put a LITTLE more effort into looking chic...

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  1. Cool pictures !

  2. I wholeheartedly concur, minimalism has it's place, but excess and glamour do too. To put it simply the world needs more velvet.


  3. Ahh, good ol' velvet in the 90's. Do you think that will ever be resurrected?