Good Weird vs. Bad Weird

Do you ever just feel like trying something different? I do. And this particular ensemble was one of those times. Cuz sometimes you just gotta say “fuck it” and listen to your gut. I’ve has this drop-dead gorgeous vintage dress hanging in my closet for some time, looking at it longingly every time I went to dress myself. But it just never felt quite right- it’s a bit classic for my taste. And I couldn’t quite figure out how to give it that dash of edge...until yesterday. My gut spoke to me. And before I knew it I was putting that dress on over my fave pair of destroyed denim. 

“Well this is...different.” I thought, as I turned around to examine my reflection in the mirror. You see, listening to your gut can be...scary. Our gut simply does not realize that when it comes to fashion and style, there is fiiiiiine line between “good weird” and “bad weird”. Good weird encompasses the edgy and the eclectic. Bad weird encompasses...well, just plain old weird. But still, ignoring your gut is an absolutely unforgivable fashion faux pas. After all, If you can’t trust your gut, which is like, your absolute you-est you...then who can you trust? I’ve found that my personal style icons seem to throw all caution to the wind, laughing in the face of trends, and strictly dressing via gut. So, upon realizing this, I went with it. 

 “Ok...I think we’re onto something here...” I thought to myself, my brain scrambling to find some sort of rhyme or reason to justify the ensemble. And then it came to me: “Jackie O. meets Courtney Love.” I exclaimed in my head as I eyed myself up and down in the mirror. Fuck yes. My gut was officially onto something...classic vintage grunge. It’s a thing. You heard it here first ;)

Thrifted everything. 

Until next time, 



  1. THIS is why I love you guys sooo much! It never "what every other blogger is wearing." You guys literally do your own thing but totally rock it!! Y'all are perf.

  2. Favorite line (though it's hard to choose): After all, If you can’t trust your gut, which is like, your absolute you-est you...then who can you trust?

    Love your guts.

  3. Yay for guts! You look great, lady.


  4. You seriously summed up this look perfectly: jackie o meets courtney love, and you're one of the few who could pull it off!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. YES.

  6. dude! It worked so well! always listen to your gut! The color of that dress matches your hair perfectly! and dem ripped jeans! it works!

  7. Personally, I think you nailed it.

  8. I am so in love with this outfit. If there is a good weird and bad weird, of which I think most of the time I would prefer to see bad weird, you nailed pretty weird. So beautiful, like a pulsating tide of mixed references redefining what is grunge, what classic, how do those styles fit into today? Into our lives?
    -Ashley G www.elegantidiosyncrasy.com

  9. your gut steered you in the right direction with this one. that dress is amazing, especially the furry detailing on the sleeves. you look like the first lady of grunge rock. so i guess that's still just courtney love.


  10. Totally rock it!
    Love the dress and jeans, both and separately as well!
    Great blog, defo new follower!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Kisses ♥

  11. I'm in love. The process you describe is exactly right to me. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't, but listening to your gut is better than listening to anyone else's. I'm a newcomer to your spot, but it's bookmarked and I'm drinking it in. My gut is appreciative. XXOO