90's Digital Cowgirl

As my sartorial journey delves further and further down the fashion rabbit hole, one of the lessons I have learned is that I should dress to please myself and myself only. And of course, I agree. However, this philosophy has led to a steady decline in the amount of compliments I tend to receive regarding said killer ensembles. As the commercial appeal of fashion has worn off on me, compliments I would regularly receive such as, “OMG I looooooove your top like so much!” have turned into questions (concerns?) such as, “What is that sweater made of?” or “Where did you find that?” and from one not-so-subtle acquaintance, “WTF are you wearing?” (God forbid someone stray from the unofficial uniform of knee-high boots, skinny jeans, and a "top".) Of course when they ask, I am more than happy to indulge them because I think that more often than not, people are simply looking for a conversational ice-breaker. And I get that. Believe me. Ok soooooo, the other day I threw on this outfit, looked in the mirror, and was pleased with what I had going on: 90’s Digital Cowgirl. (It’s a thing…trust me.) So la la la; I’m just livin’ my life in my fierce ensemble when much to my surprise a young lady at Target quipped, “OMG I loooooove your dress so much! Where did you get it?” I looked to the left then looked to the right. “Holy shit, she’s talking to me. She actually appreciates my 90’s Digital Cowgirl realness!” BUT the real shocker came when my not-so-subtle acquaintance (as previously mentioned) saw me and actually told me that I looked “nice”. Well fuck me gently with a chain saw, have I found the holy grail of all ensembles? An ensemble that speaks to my sartorial soul AND appeals to the masses? (In related news, it’s totally Regina George’s fault that I will forever be suspicious of any and every compliment I ever receive…ever.)


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  1. empathize to no end on the decline in compliments observation

    and when I do get them, I usually suspect them of being false conversation starters rather than genuinely admiring statements.

    that being said
    dayummm girl.
    No offense to this dress or anything, but you could probably wear a tight fitting paper bag and look good.
    this dress hugs in all the right places,
    AND has a perfectly obnoxious print (obnoxious meant in the best possible sense, of course)

    it's killer

    the compliments were allllll real. trust me.


  2. Seriously. You have the flattest stomach. How? How do you do this, woman?
    Also. The print on that dress??? BLOWING MY MIND.

    1. YOGA MY FRIEND...allllllll about the Yoga.

  3. One of my friends told me yesterday "i'm pretty sure my grandma has shoes like that." She did not mean this in a good way.

    I've also heard:
    "That's... colorful"
    "That reminds me of a 90's soccer mom dress"
    "Those jeans are weird"
    "Wow, haven't seen that pattern in a while"
    And then there's the weird-ed-out confused glance from head to toe(mostly from men).

    But that's fine, because I think the compliments are 100% genuine and from like-minded awesome people.


  4. Totally. Only dress for yourself. That way you attract the type of people you'd actually want to be around--people who are creative, thoughtful, and open-minded. Plus, it's way more fun. I love this dress.

  5. i agree, just dress for you! you look amazing and that pattern is insane! :D

  6. I love this story! Haha I totally relate - seriously. I get it with the digital cowgirl 90s thing and I love it and think you look like a total babe! It reminds me of a Tshirt I have with a digital print of a dog in space dressed as an astronaunt, cost me about $4 at the Salvos and totally 90s fabric. I wore it once on Christmas day much to everyones horror. You girls rock!

  7. these photos are gorgeous! the farmland setting really adds to the whole digital cowgirl thing. i've continued writing your story and it's kind of like a midwestern fifth element and you're the 90s cowgirl leeloo who has to save earth from evil farmers. basically you look fierce and i can totally understand the mass appeal of this outfit. especially love the gold choker!


  8. Bahahaha Regina has ruined me too..... Every time I hear "cute top" I cringe with uncertainty but all I can say about this is ride em cowgirl this is hawt!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  9. love those boots

  10. I really love this outfit, it is totally relaxed and so you but I can imagine wearing it (whereas some of your ensembles I am far too squat and uncool to attempt!)

    Good work lady!

    Maria xxx

  11. That dress is killer!!!
    A fellow photo-print sucker

  12. Your a freaking bad ass! If you lived near me I would compliment and photograph you all the time!
    -Ashley G. www.elegantidiosyncrasy.com

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