Stupid (Wo)Man Suit

Found this dress at Goodwill the other day and loved it for that mesh it’s got going on around the waist…so deliciously 90’s. I like the idea of taking evening wear and making it casual and grungy; challenging what it means to be “formal”. I wore this out for dinner, drinks, and dancing on Saturday night and I think it confused people. (Granted, I was in Huntington Beach which is not exactly known for it’s fashion-forward or chic clientele…) Also, I chopped my hurr off over the weekend. Personally, hair serves me no other purpose than as an accessory to my outfit. Therefore, I like to change it quite often; preferably in a drastic fashion. Gotta stay fresh. I know it’s just hair and all, but getting a little crazy with it or making a drastic change reminds me to live in the moment. Know what I mean? You know what else reallyyyyyyyyyyy reminds you to live in the moment? A Tattoo. And I just recently got inked for the very first time. I went with my three baby sisters Holly, Chelsea (of Pardon My Fashion fame), and Ashley. We all got a roman numeral IV to remind us that we are the four best friends that anyone could have. And OoooooMFG; I thought I loved a spontaneous dye job or hair chop; but this tattoo business is NEXT LEVEL. Hair grows back so that’s like…whatever. Tattoos are FOREVER. It’s soooo fun cause you get there, and it’s kinda surreal. Like, “Shit man. Am I REALLY about to ink my flesh? Dude…I dunno bout this…” And then the artist shows you the piece and you’re simply on autopilot, going through the motions of saying, “Yes great. Wonderful.” Except you’re not so sure and you’re brain is silently screaming, “GET OUT OF HERE.” But you stay. And all of the sudden, you’re up NEXT; fight or flight? And you have this sort of epiphany (enlightenment?) and your mind is clear and it says, “FUCK IT. JUST DO IT. A tattoo affects the exterior. You are tattooing a shell. Remember, you’re just wearing a stupid (wo)man suit.” And then it begins and it’s over and…well I’m already planning what I should get next ;) (GOD I swear, even at my ripe old adult age of 25, if my Mom or Grandma reads this they are gonna be SO pissed!)

Vintage dress. Vintage flannel. Forever 21 Booties. Forever 21 cuff.

Until next time,



  1. Bahahahaha yay for the new tat!!!!! I want another one but my husband would kill me (I got my first one at 18 before we met!) and this outfit.... I love the idea of grunging evening wear such a perfect juxtaposition.....stupid woman suits!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  2. Dude. Your hair looks amaaaazing. Effortless, chic. You're making me want to chop mine off!!! That dress is fab, but mostly I'm obsessed with the COLOR of it. That metallicy pinkish red is giving me a total fashion boner.

  3. Dress is perfect! You look fab xx


  4. Sweet= that dress
    Sweeter= your hair! I love it this length!
    Sweetest- new ink. Congratulations!


  5. Oooohhh myyy, that is a killer piece.

  6. such a cool dress, really loving the mesh panel! Maaaan you are all about living in the moment with the new tattoo (a very sweet meaning behind it, btw) and the chopping of the hair, I wish I had an ounce of your spontaneity

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  7. you're looking so beautiful dear. wanna follow each other?


  8. After the first one, you're hooked.:) Tattoos are addictive, I sure know.:D Great outfit too, babe, and photos are incredible!

  9. This looks amazing!
    - Charlotte

  10. I love everything about this! Stunning!

  11. this is such an amazing goodwill find. and that description of getting inked is pretty spot on. your mind goes from what the fucuuk to fuuuck yes in an instant. unless you're getting something you definitely shouldn't be like a taco on your ass cheek.


  12. Love the dress and the simplicity of your accessories!
    My Blog, Crystal's Beauty Corner

  13. love the dress, great post !