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When Chels and I meet someone who’s thrifting skills rival those of our own (and I mean, we’re fuggin’ professionals) we gotta give them props. Typically, this highest of honor is reserved for the geriatric crowd; or seasoned veterans, if you will. (READ: Old ladies.) You know, those adorable lil’ dames who hand us off furs and designer duds in the aisles of Goodwill or Salvation Army and whisper into our ear, “Honey, I knew you would like this so I saved it for you.” We salute their skills by shelling out smiles and small talk, and believe you me, for them that is payment enough. Today, however, we gotta give due credit where credit is due: BLOGGER STYLE. I would like to introduce you to a young prodigy of thrifting, a fellow fashion blogger and savant of secondhand: The Photogramps. With a rack that rivals Chelsea’s and a sharp knack for writing, Photogramps is a blogger babe after our own hearts. We were itching to pick her brain; get inside her head and see if we could soak up some of that righteous swagger she got goin’ on. And so we asked her a couple of questions. For your reading and viewing pleasure, we give you…THE PHOTOGRAMPS: (And pay her blog a visit if you wanna see how Chels and I tackled these questions!) 

PMF: Who are your style icons?

Currently, Ulyana Sergeenko. I recently discovered her, and the way she dresses is basically my spirit animal: Vintage inspired, high waists, muted colors, beautiful flowing skirts, and amazing accessories. She is the whole package, and I love her designs. Also, Debbie Harry was my hero in high school, and I think when you emulate and idolize someone at that age their aesthetic kinda sticks with you...becomes part of your style DNA if you will.

PMF: What is your favorite piece of clothing you've ever found thrifting, why?

Great beard of Zeus, this one is hard! It has to be a high-waisted long skirt. They are my favorite finds in thrift stores. Maybe my navy and white 70's floral skirt. I wore it in my "Mixing Decades and Downton Abbey" post in January.

PMF: What's inspiring you right now?

Music-wise: Andrew Bird (and by right now, I mean all the time). Enviroment-wise: The flowers blooming in Venice. TV-wise: Downton Abbey. Shoe-wise: Bright colored pumps. Dude-wise: My husband. Real talk. He makes me feel like a lady and is the BEST thrifting partner.

PMF: Any style tips/advice you live by?

Practice, patience and bravery. Trial and error is a big part of it. You try things on and if it doesn't work try something else. Occasionally while dressing you might have the urge to roundhouse kick your full length mirror (I get it). However, you can't let the clothes get the best of you. I strive to learn something from everything I try that doesn't work. Also: wear what you want, and don't worry about what other people are going to think. People are self-absorbed. What you're wearing is a tiny blip on their radar. That's why ya' gotta dress for you.

PMF: What is your earliest fashion memory?

I love this question so much I want to marry it. This might not be my very earliest memory, but it is the earliest one that made the biggest impact on me. I was probably 7? I was sitting on the taupe carpeting of a Dillard's dressing room watching my mom try on clothes. She would always placate my musings by trying on a few of my selections for her. 99% of the time she wouldn't buy them (her wardrobe didn't call for sequin dresses with shoulder pads the size of Russia). THIS TIME however I had picked a flowy, black sundress with small purple flowers. I remember her face in the mirror once she pulled it over her head. I could tell she felt beautiful, and she looked beautiful. For a split second I was a grown up. I was her girlfriend giving her fashion advice...I felt like I was apart of the club. It was my first experience of how a great garment can make you feel. I was bursting with pride when she purchased it.


  1. Um I'm pretty sure she is my new spirit animal......and I'm glad I'm not the only one who frequently wants to round house kick their full length mirror.
    Brooke @ what2wear

  2. I absolutely love the comment at the end of the last question on how people aren't really going to notice you. Her photos are soo pretty, and obviously her style as well :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. Such a cool style! Love that yellow trench!


  4. Love Ashley and The Photogramps! One of my favorite blogs as well - she's got such amazing, unique style. And her photography!! Great little interview there, it was fun to read :)

    Have a great week ladies!

  5. Love her outspoken creative style!! You are correct, the three of you have the same DNA!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. OK, she sounds awesome!

    Maria xxx

  7. I am so thrilled you interviewed Ashley from The Photogramps, she is so stylish!! Great interview!!

    XOXO! Courtney


  8. Love her and love you guys, such great blogs!