No One Invited Me to #NYFW

No one invited me to NYFW. I was kinda under the impression that everyone with a DSLR camera and internet access got an invite? Between all the twittering and instagramming and street styling and after partying and hashtagging and sponsoring and ass kissing going on over there at NYFW; has anyone found time for the fashion? You know...the clothes? People used to love the story of the show, the feeling it left them with. Everyone wondering, “What was that designer trying to communicate to me?” Instead they’re thinking, “Who will photograph me next?!” The fashion part of Fashion Week seems to be getting lost. Maybe it's just social media overload...TMI type thing? Or maybe I’m just old school and need to get with the times. But man, it kills me when I see the entire front row taking in a show through an iPhone! No tea, no shade. I mean shit, I can’t even score an invite. I am but a lowly suburbanite. I wish McQueen was still around to comment on what’s happening in the fashion world right now. I miss him. Anyscrew, my gurl Brooke decided to do a post on what she would be wearing to NYFW (if she were invited!) and I decided that I wanted to do the same. So here I am in all my glory pretending that my boyfriend is Tommy Ton and I am the Street Style queen on everyone's lips. Instead, we went out for drinks at our neighborhood watering hole. I will leave you with a quote from a hopeless fashion romantic like myself, Grace Coddington, “I used to find attending the shows so invigorating and exciting, but [now] you have to be there with blinders on. To cut out all the rubbish that's going on around, where the focus seems to be more on the audience than on the clothes that go down the runway. Any old shit can go down the runway and they all sit there and clap.”

Vintage top. Vintage coat. Vintage sequin skirt. Theory booties. F21 bracelet and necklace. Vintage hat.

Until next time,



  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog,your style is killer! Totally agree with how social media is taking over fashion weeks! xxx

  2. I can relate. I looked up to see how to get an invite to NYFW, and you can't buy a ticket! So exclusive. And here I want to sit and admire the looks my favorite designers have created. Someday we will be there enjoying fashion week for what it should be! ;D

    Btw, your outfit makes you look like you belong there!


  3. You look brilliant!
    - Charlotte

  4. i agreee, its turned into a circus with a bunch of girls getting flown in and out (who don't really have any style but they can afford designer stuff so people think they have "style") who don't really appreciate it the way its supposed to be. and I have always noticed that grace is always the last one at the show with her pen and notepad still sitting in front of the runway while everyone else is chatting and schmoozing and heading to the next event. LOVE that sequin skirt.....if I were Tommy Ton I would most def shoot it :))))))
    brooke @ what2wear

  5. Geez. I'm obsessed with this.

    It's really refreshing to have someone say exactly what I'm feeling. I think it's a never ending process too - you've got to brag about where you are and what you're doing in order to be relevant and for people to follow you. It almost ends up becoming a competition about who can make the most social media posts out of the least real life events.

    the WORST is when people complain about "how hectic and crazy and tired they are".

    Some perspective peeps. Some perspective.

    You are awesome.
    You and Brooke are my heroes.


  6. Gorgeous sequin skirt and love it with the coat! xx Eva


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  8. Hey, it's Liz and Raych here. We just wanted to say thanks for your awesome comment on Liz's blog. We couldn't agree more about everything you wrote above (even though we're guilty of the hashtaging and instagraming and shizzz).

    Also, this outfit is superb.

    Liz and Raych

  9. I think my favorite thing about this outfit is that it goes along with your style on your blog. I feel like a lot of people wear ridiculous outfits that are not true to their personal style at all. Love the sequined maxi skirt, it's very glamourous :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  10. You're my favorite street style babe. xx, E

  11. Your skirt is amazing and so is the necklace, amazing outfit!xx

  12. I totally agree with you! I just actually posted something about NYFW and looking at it in a deeper and different light. But let me tell you, you should be happy you are not in NY this weekend... it is not really fun wearing your favorite shoes to Lincoln Center only to step on snow puddles. And you are way more stylish than people who are walking outside just to wait for someone to ask a photograph of them.

    Stay fab,

  13. You look just amazing - and you have true style! I tend to agree about the whole FW thing. I used to be a journalist in Toronto and went to Toronto FW when I was just starting out, and, even though I went to see a homegrown indie brand, I was put off by the scene. I continued to get invites but never went (though I should have done the Joe Fresh shows as I heard they were super fun!); it just wasn't my bag. Now, TO has an independent fashion week, I'm pretty sure, and even a vintage fashion week - does NY have the same thing? xo

  14. Love your coat! And that sequined maxi is gorgeous! And um, I have a dslr and internet access, where's my invite?? Lol. I completely agree that the social media thing is taking over. It kind of gets annoying.
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by :) loving your blog!


  16. Very much agree with your post. If you're going to attend fashion week then talk about the fashion! How it relates to us and some fun commentary on the collections would even do.

    sartorial commentary

  17. I 100% agree with everything that you said about fashion week!


  18. I agree with your comments 100%! Its slowly becoming less about the actually clothes going down the runway and more about the people attending and even the models!
    What happened to the story and excitement that used to go along with the shows...



  19. Completely agree with what you say! It definitely has lost the main aim of its inception. Sad.

    On the other note, I love the skirt and you definitely look like you're ready to strut the runway. Love the coat as well.


  20. wow!! I love that skirt! It looks so beautiful on you. I love the way you styled it.

    xo ohsokatieli

  21. Oh and I agree with you about fashion week. I have many many friend's in the fashion industry, either walking the shows, producing the shows or covering the shows. I love fashion, but in my eye, FW is very overrated. I turned down a lot of invites just for the fact that I feel like its more about me being at the shows than the show itself, and where's the point in that. I can hardly see what the models are wearing on a runway because they all walk too fast or you're stuck in the back because you're not important enough to be up front. I'd rather be able to check out and study the collections through images at my own computer, where I can actually see the details.

    Granted, I get why people obsess over fashion week because it IS exciting and you feel important. But it's just not my cup of tea.


  22. The skirt is amazing! And I love that necklace!

  23. I hope you can get your invitation next FW dont be sorry :/ You look so stylish I loved your blog so much. Also you deserve to be invited but nevermind next time!
    Kisses Asli

  24. Hey, I just found your blog by chance and that post of yours with the light vintage skirt, dressed up with black accessories really pinned me. Great look! I just started following you on bloglovin' - so you may hear more from me soon ;)
    I just started to post my outfits on my blog and would love to hear some comments from you - now or in the future :)
    greets, XX Nana


  25. Thank you for your comment, dear! The skirt is amazing!


  26. Uuummmm hell yes to this post. However much I love street fashion, the street fashion photos during fashion week have a contrived vibe about them. Everyone KNOWS they are going to be photographed. Where as the day to day random street fashion photos are much more genuine. And your right. I haven't really heard anything about the shows... shockingly I didn't get invited either. :)


  27. Love the slouchiness / sequinniness of this look, very cool! x

  28. Divine sequin skirt. Love sequins especially in cream (so much I had to buy my cream sequin dress.)

  29. Love this look! Enjoy the mixture of the classic coat with the edgy boots. Looks amazing!



  30. This is such a perfect NYFW worthy outfit!! head to toe perfection....And that skirt and the coat are amazing

  31. loving your hat darling!


  32. by the way I'm your new follower hope you can follow back!


  33. i definitely know what you mean!


  34. Love this outfit. You make me want to become a follower now! It's hard to get invites to any fashion week. You have to work really hard to earn media passes.


    xx Domenic

  35. Wow i love your coat !!!
    Maybe we follow each other?!
    Let me know :)


  36. you look so fabulous, the skirt is great!


  37. your comment really made me laugh! Thanks so much, but hell, as if you can talk, you look incredible in these shots!! Love a good fedora, oversized coat combo.

    a must follow!!!!!!

  38. Love the whole outfit, that coat is beautiful! <3

    XO J

    Giveaway on my blog!

  39. You have amazing style!! Lovely photos, really like the split skirt!



  40. beautiful skirt! love your unique style :)


  41. Agreed! Everyone at NYFW seems too busy on their phones or posing in front of a camera to really let the fashion soak in.

    Anyway... I absolutely love this outfit! I think it would've been snapped by street style photographers all over the place.

    Hudson East

  42. love this outfit! i totally get how you feel about the lack of invite to NYFW haha! love your blog! i followed :) would love you to check out mine!

  43. I loved the content of this post. So ridiculously true. When did it become a popularity contest? I feel like the fashion is no longer an aspect of it. AT ALL. I'm glad you wrote this! Also you look amazing.

  44. Love this look! :)


  45. You can't see it, but just know I'm giving you a standing ovation for this post. For real.

    If I hear one more regurgitated nonsense nothing review of _________ designer's show... anyway, you're right. It started with the clothes, it should always just be about the clothes. Also, you look freaking fabulous. I want that entire outfit.


  46. I love your outfit. It is fantastic. I dream of going to fashion week someday (it has only been my dream since I was about 14)... someday maybe. And I want to be there for the fashion and the exciting atmosphere, not the other stuff.


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  48. I agree!
    I've followed you guys now =D
    I really love this skirt.

    Anne xox


  49. great outfit :)
    simple and stunning. loves the necklace and hand cuff.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leave the comment :)
    follow each other?
    nice to meet you!

    Hello from Indonesia :)

  50. I love this look. Thanks for you comment and keep strong!

  51. I like this 3D monochrome beige effect, especially the sequin skirt - with black boots, of course. :)

  52. that sequin number is incredible. fuck nyfw.

  53. nice look. thanks for the comment.


  54. I think you look fab! I'd have snapped you if I'd seen you at Fashion Week except I didn't get invited either. I have been to London Fashion Week a few times before though and you're right - it has descended into a pony show of bloggers vying for the attention of cameras rather than being about the clothes designers are trying to show.

  55. Stunning look. Love the long coat.