For Fashion's Sake

“Why are you so dressed up?” I wore this simple little look out last weekend and was immediately barraged with the age-old question. I’m definitely used to it by now and immediately quip back with, “Oh...I’m always dress like this.” The key is, you’ve got to say it in a way that seems to question the curious little kitty’s sanity, with undertones of, “I’m sorry, did I misunderstand? Are you trying to tell me you consider this too dressed up. Oh you do. Oh wow, isn’t that a fascinating point of view...” Except it’s not. Doesn’t anyone appreciate fashion just for the sake of fashion anymore? Shouldn’t you thank me as I walk into the room? Like, “Wow! You look so chic...thanks for brightening up the mood with your sassy knee-high socks, gorgeous suede coat trimmed with that luxuriously decadent fur, and your killer tribal necklace. It’s all so aesthetically pleasing. Chelsea, I am seriously tickled that I get to stare at this masterpiece of an ensemble during our hang-out sesh. I appreciate you taking the time to think of inspiring others with your style.” Ya...except no one ever says that to me. Ya know, Britt and I always give credit where credit is so clearly due. Like when we see a chick-a-dee in a fierce outfit we typically stop her and commend her for her superior style. Just to be all like, GIRL power and sh!t. Try it...it always makes that person’s day a bit brighter.

Vintage LBD. Vintage coat. Haus of Ladjevardi necklace. Target socks. H&M booties.

Until next time,



  1. bahaha i get asked that question 20 times a day and i have the exact same answer, unfortunately there are far too few of us that appreciate fashion for the sake of it.......you tell 'em girl!!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  2. Hi Chelsea! You always pick out the best backgrounds for your photos~love them! And this coat with matching thigh highs is zoo super lovely and rad! xx

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  3. Love the knee highs! xA


  4. thank you for the kind comment on my blog- you write fantastically! I love both of your styles too :) can't wait fir the next post
    I get thus a lot to I and I'm like "am I not meant to wear clothes I've bought" totally going to start complementing people more though :)

  5. Oh how I enjoyed reading this post! People tell us the same thing all the time! Well, we appreciate you dressing daily, and rather chicly if we may add. Keep it up Chelsea, you look amaze!!
    Ash Tianah + Blake Scott


  6. Hahaha, I love this!! Totally agree with you about the dressed up comments thing! When people say stuff like that to me I usually scrunch up my face like I can barely understand them and then pierce my lips for a second before a little condescending 'oh, you would think that' nod as I glance at their jeans and t-shirt.
    Love the coat xx


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  8. Darling I know EXACTLY what you mean. People are saying that to me all the time.
    Keep doing what you do girl! You look fabulous.

    juliette laura