Being the true fashionista that I am, I do not dress myself with even the slightest thought of what a man would think about my ensemble. (I’m sorry general male population, but you’re just not on my level.) I dress, first and foremost, to please myself and as a form of self expression. And secondly, I cannot lie to you, I do feel a sense of accomplishment when my styling genius impresses other women. (Don’t you?!) Sometimes, I want to look a little sexy...like my cheeky little ensemble that I am featuring today. I grabbed my boyfriend’s button down and paired it with a sheer black maxi skirt and my new boots. Generally speaking, I’m pretty covered up. But when the light hits my sheer skirt just so, I am flashing some serious leg.

So, feelin’ kinda saucy, my boyfriend and I went out for some some beers and appetizers. Now in general, my ensembles have a tendency to garner some stares when out in public. And I don’t mind, they’re just doing it because I’m dressed differently/fabulously/weirdly/whatever-ly. However, in this particular ensemble, and with one particularly drab looking group of females....I could tell it was a different kind of stare. (I can intuitively pick up on body language.) Basically, they thought I was dressed "slutty".

Remember that whole Madonna/Whore complex we learned about in college; ya know, how men can only categorize women into one category or the other? Well, I think in today’s modern world women have a tendency to judge each other based on this same philosophy. And ya know, it was making me oddly self conscious. It’s like...ladies, why can’t you just let me sit here rockin’ my sexy look and I will let you guys sit over there rockin’ your kinda look. Even if there was a chica there wearing booty shorts and pasties, I would applaud her for her bravery and let her do the damn thing. That’s not my style; but we don’t got no beef. We’ve just got different things going on! Anyways, I decided not to let them rain on my parade, cuz I was having a fabulous time with my boyfriend and I am intelligent enough to realize that dressing in a way that makes you feel sexy and desired does not make you a slut. Plus, I looked pretty damn fierce...AM I RIGHT?! Moral of the story: Ladies, we are all multifaceted creatures so lets stop being so damn judgmental. END OF PSA, thank you.

Boyfriend shirt. Vintage skirt. Random beanie. F21 jewelry. Via Spiga boots.

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  1. So true! Remember in San Diego when you were dressed like a 70s Marsha Brady and everyone thought you were trying to be a sexy schoolgirl? It's just clothing people, get over it! Just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I can bare my midriff of show off my legs. Prech it Brit!

  2. Wow. Such an artistic ensemble. New obsession, new follower! LOVE your blog and the way you've put this outfit together. I'd love if you visited mine? www.addressbookblog.com

    Georgi xx

  3. you're definitely right, no woman should be judged by a guy or girl based on what she wears. It's just old-fashioned, closed-minded behavior. you look awesome and I love your confidence!

  4. Hello Brittany!

    I used to live in Grand Rapids (left there 12 years ago and moved to Portland, best move I made) and remember they did an article on you for MLive. May I ask, why did you leave GR?

    1. WOW...this comment totally made my day! I LOVED GR so much, I thought it was a wonderful city. I left for three reasons:

      1. I was terribly homesick. I missed my family and friends so much. Everyone in GR was o friendly and I did make some new friends but I just didn't like being away from my family.

      2. My job, that I absolutely adored, was leaving Grand Rapids and moving to FL...and I really had no desire to go to FL.

      3. I am a total pussy and I could NOT handle the freaking weather. I don't know how those people do it. I need the beach...even if it's December ;)

      How is Portland? I want to visit. Have you seen the show Portlandia...cracks me up. Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. Great look! I love the skirt, it's so unique!

    Suzie Q

  6. kind of obsessed with this look!!


  7. Great look! Love the part about guys not being on your level. Thanks for checking out my blog :)
    xx Allie

  8. I love how the length of the button up still adds a fun element to the sheer skirt.


  9. Love those boots! Great blog! Following you :)


  10. love that skirt!



  11. PERFECT look! like it a lot!

    tnx so much for stopping by at my spot, really hope to stay in touch! <3